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  • Date: May 06, 2011
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Games for Windows - Live Download
Free Download Games for Windows - Live

Games for Windows - Live program lets you discover and download new content for your games, from videos and demos to game add-ons like new levels and maps. The client lets you access this content quickly and easily, without dealing with multiple websites for each game and various download managers. Be sure to check your client regularly for new content and new features.

Games for Windows - LIVE is a free online gaming service that lets you connect and play with your friends and more than 14 million Xbox LIVE members. It's a world-class online gaming network that offers online matchmaking using the patented TrueSkill enhanced matchmaking system. The service offers text and voice messaging across Games for Windows - LIVE and Xbox LIVE.

1. It's FREE
Games for Windows - LIVE is free! All the voice chat and messaging, all the matchmaking, even the downloading of patches and Marketplace browsing is free.

2. See Friends online
See when your friends are online, whether they're playing on a PC or an Xbox 360, and even what game they're playing.

3. Text & Voice Chat
Chat with players by voice in-game, send send private voice messages to your friends out of game, or send text messages-it's your choice!

4. TrueSkill Matching
You're automatically matched with players of your skill level with the TrueSkill matchmaking system so every match is fun for everyone.

5. Make gaming personal again.
Create your own online identity (a "gamertag") that is your representation across games and platforms. Games for Windows - LIVE and Xbox LIVE share the same network, so your single identity works across Windows, Xbox 360, and even Zune! Earn achievements, build your gamerscore, establish a reputation, and use voice and text chat-even across platforms.

6. Achievements & Gamerscore
Earn achievements by playing games and increase your gamerscore. Your gamerscore shows how serious of a gamer you are.

7. Gamer card
Represent yourself to the rest of the gaming community. Show off your gamerscore, reputation, and achievements wherever your gamer card is displayed.

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this game utility software.

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