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Intro, Splash and Nag Screen Remover, GNag is opensource, free software The goal is to eliminate splash screens, forced intro movies, advertisements, non-browser based pop-ups and nag screens from installable applications. By removing these annoyances, launch times and interruptions can be significantly reduced. GNag accomplishes this by editing the registry, altering file system permissions, moving and renaming files (even those inside archives). By not cracking or reverse engineering the executables, GNag can remove these annoyances from games without the risk of being kicked by anti-cheating measures that detect modified software. If one wishes to view the intro movies, splash screens, etc. in the future, GNag can undo the changes made with a click of a button.

GNag is designed to remove pesky splash screens, forced intro movies and advertisements that are displayed by PC games and other installable applications without cracking / reverse engineering the executable.

How to use:
The "bin" folder contains the application itself, along with dependent files. No install is needed, simply open it as an administrator. Most applications should be discovered automatically upon startup. If supported applications are installed in a non-default location, the automatic search tool should find them upon request. There is no need to keep GNag open once blocking is enabled, all changes are passive and GNag does not need to be running in order for blocking to work. GNag uses a definition based approach, so be sure to use the automatic update utility in GNag to make sure one has the latest definitions.

.NET Framework

The license of this software is Free, you can free download and free use this video utility software.

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