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GDBUtil Download
Free Download GDBUtil 0.0.5

GDBUtil (The Generic Database Utility) is a highly configurable database browsing tool using jdbc. A simple database console is provided for ad hoc queries. GDBUtil is realized as an Eclipse 3.4 RCP application.

Possible use cases:
1. Provide a predefined view of database objects to inexperienced users
2. Configure frequently executed SQL statements to easily use and optionally refresh them
3. Watch statistics of custom scenarios

GDBUtil Features:
1. Simple
2. Support for JDBC enabled databases
3. User defined, configurable tree of database objects
4. Each root branch shows an object tree with its own configured database connection
5. Each database connection operates with its own SQL execution thread
6. The result of a selection in a table view can be refreshed periodically
7. Periodically queried values can be displayed in simple charts
8. Store procedures can be called
9. A simple database query tool - SQL console - with auto-commit disabled
10. A simple CSV export tool to save the result of a query to a file in csv format
11. Drag and Drop support to drag the name of an element in the tree view or a value of a table view into the SQL console

To run the GDBUtil application the JRE 1.5 or higher is required.
1. Download the zipped RCP application from the download section
2. Unzip the file to a directory where the application should reside
3. Make sure you have the appropriate database JDBC drivers available. They are not included in the zipped file
4. Edit the file conf/rdbms.xml and resulting xml files. See Configuration for further details
5. Start the executable gdbutil in the top level directory of the application
6. Open the preference menu File/Preferences
7. Register all JDBC driver files for the databases you want to connect to
8. Use the context menu on one of the configured tree branches to connect to the database
9. Expand the tree to query the database for elements using the configured SQL statements
10. Use the context menu to execute the configured commands in the context of the selected tree node

After installing, configuring and starting the GDBUtil tool the database tree view is shown. Connect to a database using the context menu Open connection... command.

Expand the tree. Use the context menu to execute configured SELECT statements. The result is shown in a table view.

Open a console, create SQL statements (Drag'nDrop is possible) and execute them against the database.

Open the CSV Export view to export the result of a query to a file.

* Java

The license of this software is Free, you can free download and free use this database management software.

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