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  • Version: 1.2.26
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  • Date: Jun 27, 2011
  • Price: $89.95
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FusionDesk Download
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FusionDesk is project management and time tracking software for individuals and small teams. Its power is well disguised behind a simple and elegant user interface. Its flexibility allows it to adapt to your way of doing things, instead of forcing you to adapt.
FusionDesk is a useful program designed to organize and manage your projects, so you can save time and money. The program is a very good instrument for supervising and controlling multiple projects or tasks performed by a crew.
Projects and tasks can be grouped into folders and sub-folders. Thus, you can have quick access to all the information regarding certain tasks. You can also modify tasks or projects quickly in order to keep them up to date with recent changes. However, the program will help you manage your projects by assigning them to your team members, by keeping track of time periods assigned for each task, and by creating detailed reports regarding all activities.
The reports may include project lists with details, task lists, Agenda, To-do lists, invoices, or time sheets. The reports can be printed out, saved in PDF file format, or exported as HTML files, Excel tables, JPEG graphics, text files, etc.
The program will automatically perform backups to protect your data from any damage. Tasks can also be archived. The interface is nice, customizable, and it makes the program very easy to use.
Pluses: Synchronization with Outlook and mobile devices. The possibility to use it within a network.
Drawbacks / flaws: The help section didnt seem to be working at the time of testing.
In conclusion: A useful, easy-to-learn, and easy-to-use application for companies with many projects and collaborators.

Quick Feature Overview:
1. Elegant & flexible UI
2. Full undo and redo
3. Reminders & Alerts
4. Hierarchical folders
5. Tags & contexts
6. Customizable filters
7. Time Tracking
8. Project Estimates
9. Time Reports
10. Import / Export
11. Sync with Outlook
12. Sync with other PCs

FusionDesk will help you manage your tasks more easily and efficiently than ever before. Organize your tasks in hierarchical folders. Define dynamic filters so you can find them easier later. Track time worked on each task. Sync your data with Outlook, a mobile device or another PC.
FusionDesk is your everyday companion and as such it is designed to endure your high demands. Project Templates allow you to get up to speed. Each task can be entered with a single press of a button. Each task can have additional notes and attached file to it.
Work without worrying, FusionDesk supports unlimited Undo/Redo. Automatic Backup makes sure you never lose your valuable data. Copy and Paste tasks from a folder to another. Drag & Drop tasks and folder in an intuitive way.

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $89.95, you can free download and get a free trial.

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