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  • Date: Jul 17, 2013
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FullRecall Download
Free Download FullRecall 1.5.3

FullRecall is a software that can help you memorize the knowledge for lifelong periods with the minimum time investment. Underlying artificial neural network gradually grasps your forgetting curve to schedule optimal days for the reviews-i.e., days when you will be close to forgetting an information. A flashcard-like program that uses neural network for scheduling reviews.

FullRecall Features:
1. scheduling of repetitions is taken care of by neural network that learns about your pace of learning
2. support for Unicode, open file formats, images, sounds
3. text formatting (bold, underline, strikeout)
4. possibility to do almost everything from keyboard
5. multi-platform (Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, Mac OS X (x86), Maemo (beta), and non-PC versions with limitations: Pocket-PC, online on the web)
6. network import/export
7. auto-backups with compression
8. graphical and textual statistics
9. auto-grab-clipboard mode to facilitate in rapid creation of question-answer collections
10. search supporting regular expressions and "fuzzy search"
11. no external dependencies, possibility to work from an USB memory stick without installing on every new computer
12. program is lightweight and fast; further development takes place, so you can expect new features and improvements

FullRecall uses artificial neural network, which gradually grasps your forgetting curve, to schedule reviews on days when youll be close to forgetting an information. With FullRecall you can learn the most in the minimum time without worrying about forgetting what you have already learned.

The software is similar to common flashcard programs: knowledge is stored in question-answer pairs. You add the question-answer pairs yourself (coming up with a concise, clear-cut question-answer pair, for every information, is a learning experience by itself), or use ready-made question-answer collections. In review mode you'll have presented the questions, one by one. To every question you'll think about an answer, and after a while you'll be confronted with the correct answer.

All information is stored by FullRecall in question-and-answer format. Such pair (question+answer) we call an item or an element.

Generally-unless you're using knowledge files created by someone else-it's you who puts new items into your learning collection. It may seem time and energy consuming but it has three important advantages:
1.You put in only what you really don't remember and what is crucial to remember for you.
2.You compose elements in a way that will be clear for you to understand later.
3.While you're composing elements, you're also learning because forming a good question (short, unequivocal, that needs short answer) for a given fact calls for an effort that won't be wasted.
Whatever information you want to memorize, think about a question and answer relevant to that information, and input it to FullRecall. FullRecall will make sure you'll remember it by scheduling reviews for you and asking you this question in a right time-before you completely forget the answer.

* database size limit up to 500 elements
* no network import/export: you cannot keep your learning database on a FullRecall server
* no possibility to merge databases
* If you hit the database size limit and dont want (or cant) buy full version: you can use more than 1 database (every database up to 500 elements).

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $22.00, you can free download and get a free trial.

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