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Full Motion Video Download
Free Download Full Motion Video 6.0

Full Motion Video (FMV) is a complete player and realtime video editor. Full Motion Video is a straight-forward yet efficient video player and editor. FMV uses DirectX and can preview layered effects with keyframes in real-time.
Full Motion Video can also produce the HTML you need to embed your video into a webpage when your are done. No more pictorial representations of what the transition or effect might look like.

1. The Player :- For A True HD Video Experience
Full Motion Video (FMV) provides everything you need for a true HD video experience. As well as still and audio support, the video player supports a wide range of formats including MP3, DivX, DivX HD, Xvid, Windows Media, H263\4 and MKV(Matroska) to name a few.

2. The Editor :- FMV works in real-time - no more static 'preview' pictures
FMV shields the user from the technicality of video editing whilst delivering a highly creative environment. Naturally your video previews are real-time and you see on screen exactly what you get - Titles, layered effects & transitions.

Full Motion Video renders the preview in real-time so you see exactly what you will get on the clips you are editing. Mix clips of different formats, frames rates and sizes.

FMV's video editor is DirectX based - This means it will automatically take advantage of any hardware it finds on your graphics card to speed up rendering and previewing of video. This allows FMV to preview transitions, effects and titles in real-time even on high definition (HD) projects. If you don't have the latest graphics card, just turn down the preview size and when you are happy with the movie, then render the video in HD.

A few FMV features to create with :-
1. Over 300 customisable 2D & 3D SMPTE transitions with masking
2. Customisable Particle based transitions (Whirlwind, Shatter etc)
3. Import of custom Moviemaker XML transitions
4. User imported graphics for video transition masks

1. Over 100 customisable video effects each with configurable parameters
2. Layering of multiple effects with keyframing for each video effect
3. Keyframing for every parameter for each video effect
4. Color, contrast, brightness and threshold adjustment (with dib from frame)
5. Reverse video

1. Fully Customisable ease in and out on any video or still
2. Customisable Camera rotation around x-axis
3. Spin speed and zoom in\out speed configurable
4. Configurable Zoom range

1. Bulk import of stills with each still having unique parameters
2. Copy any still (inc HD video) from a clip to windows clipboard or save to file
3. Paste any still (inc HD video ) from windows clipboard into project. Photoshop - copy \ paste
4. Movie to still sequence and still sequence to video feature
5. Choice of aspect ratio \ croping \ letterboxing of images
6. Still Morph to video feature

1. Mousewheel frame advance \ rewind with resolution configurable
2. Mousewheel 'inertia' feature - flick mousewheel to stop\start playback (or use space bar)
3. Quick scrubber facillity
4. Contour Shuttle Pro support
5. Audio positioning resolution to 1/1000secs
6. Video positioning resolution to 1 frame

1. Fully animated titler with user imported graphics
2. Real-time Titler preview
1. Rip audio from any video clip to WAV or MP3
2. Rip audio from any section of video clip to WAV or MP3 (Ringtone creator)
3. Individual output level on each video cut
4. Autotrim audio track with fade to movie duration
5. ID3 editor for MP3's
6. Global Gracenote CDDB CD identification support for audio CD's with localisation.

1. Resolution independent - Mix frame sizes, frame rates and source formats in any project
2. Editing of any video format supported by DirectX \ DirectShow
3. Equi-Chunk feature (if previous cut was 5 frames long, equi-chunk will create a new cut 5 frames long from the end of the last cut)
4. Frame level video \ audio clip trimmer with mousewheel or click control
5. No trans coding of source video clips when loaded into the project - Instant preview
6. Time stretching of both video and audio
7. Import pictures in BMP, GIF and JPG format
8. Autoscene feature
1. Full GraphEdit output for all renders
2. XML output for each render
3. Editable project files (Source paths can be changed easily)
4. Auto creation of HTML to embed movie in webpage
5. Video Zoom \ inspector with Zoom to 1500%
6. Skinnable front interface
7. CPU performance configurator
8. Auto recovery of project on failure
9. XPMode and Virtual Machine support under Vista and Windows 7
10. Fully multi-threaded to take advantage of multi-core CPU's

Player Features include :-
1. Variable Speed - 0.1x to 5x rate
2. Mousewheel frame advance and rewind
3. Zoom Video to 1500% (with Pan Control)
4. Quick Access 'Right-Click' for quick control
5. Extract video Frame to Windows backdrop (Inc HD)
6. Wide Range of Audio format support (Inc Gracenote CDDB submission)
7. Still Slideshow with mouse control
8. Realtime Audio Visualisations
9. Rip Audio from Video to MP3 or WAV
10. Create screensaver from collection
11. User Skinnable Interface

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $29.00, you can free download and get a free trial.

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