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    FTP Server
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Map a FTP server as a Local Disk Drive. Windows Command to Mount a Remote Share as a Local Hard Drive using the FTP protocol. The FTPUSE command maps a remote share (FTP server) as a local drive, so you can use the FTP server of your choice as a local hard drive.

The FTPUSE command syntax is similar to NET USE syntax, as follows:

FTPUSE devicename [ftphostname[/remotepath] [password]]

Sets the name of the device to be connected to or disconnected from an FTP share

Sets the name, IP address or IPv6 address of the FTP server you want to connect to

Sets the name of a remote folder to be used as the main folder for the mapped drive

Sets the password required to access the FTP server

Sets the user name to be used to log onto the remote computer

Establishes an active connection with the FTP server (active mode)

The mapped drive will be accessible only from the application from which FTPUSE was launched

Sets the TCP port number which should be used to connect to the FTP server. TCP port 21 is used by default.

Debug mode.

Deletes the established connection with the FTP Server.

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this ftp server software.

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