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  • Date: May 31, 2010
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FruitfulTime TaskManager is a personal task manager that enables you to keep track of your upcoming tasks and things to do. You can combine complex task with subtasks, add task notes and also references to files, links and contacts for each item.
Furthermore, you can set task priority and completion levels as well as task reminders to be triggered before the start or due date. Other features include task filtering, personal tags, task export, task list printing and password protection. FruitfulTime Task Manager can be installed on your PC or on a USB drive.

FruitfulTime TaskManager, is a simple yet powerful to do list management software that helps you become organised, track your to do list, and achieve more in life. With FruitfulTime TaskManager you will fight procrastination, get things done, and deliver on time.

This will result in less stress in your life through better planning. You will achieve your goals, whether you want to get better grades or a better salary/bonus. FruitfulTime TaskManager will become your personal time management coach.

With FruitfulTime TaskManager you can
1. Manage your to do list easily and quickly.
2. Create / edit / delete tasks.
3. Optionally split tasks into smaller manageable subtasks.
4. Monitor your progress on each task / subtask.
5. Optionally set the priority, start and due date for each task / subtask.
6. Configure reminders so that you never forget a task.
7. Add references to files and internet sites related to a task.
8. Jot down notes related to a task in a powerful inbuilt notepad.
9. Format your task notes using fonts and colours, and include lists and pictures.
10. Easily export task notes for use in other products, such as Microsoft Word.
11. Add contact details of people somehow related to the task.
12. Assign tags to tasks for easy and quick filtering of your to do list.
13. Print the task list, subtasks, and notes.
14. Filter your to do list using tags or date ranges, for example, today, this week, next week.
15. Be safe in the knowledge that all your to do list information is encrypted with an AES 256 bit key so that only you can view and edit your to do list.
16. Carry your task list with you anywhere if you install FruitfulTime TaskManager on a USB drive.

With FruitfulTime TaskManager you will
1. Organise your life
2. Increase your productivity
3. Get things done
4. Avoid procrastination
5. Always deliver on time
6. Clear your mind from juggling pending tasks
7. Reduce stress and be happier
8. Achieve more in life and reach your goals
9. Find more free personal time

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $29.99, you can free download and get a free trial.

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