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  • Date: May 26, 2010
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    System Monitor
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FreeMeter Download
Free Download FreeMeter 2.8.2

FreeMeter is a utility that monitors system performance. FreeMeter was designed and programmed with the idea that a utility that monitors system performance should not impact system performance. The things that can be monitored include: Disk Space Usage, Network Traffic, CPU Utilization, Disk Transfer Rates, Memory Usage, Running Processes, Page File Usage, System Uptime, System Resources and Network Ping. FreeMeter contains 12 different meters. You determine which ones you want to see, the order in which they appear and their size. In each bar graph meter, a color coded display shows the current performance.

FreeMeter is Free and FreeMeter Professional is a Shareware ($22.95), it has all the features of FreeMeter plus features intended for power users and system administrators. FreeMeter Professional contains 19 different meters (FreeMeter contains 9).

1. Drive Space Usage
2. CPU Usage
3. Physical Memory Usage
4. Page File Usage
5. Memory Paging (only available in Pro version)
6. File Cache Space (only available in Pro version)
7. System Resources
8. Network Activity (only available in Pro version)
9. Disk Activity (some features only available in Pro version)
10. Running Processes (only available in Pro version)
11. System Uptime
12. Network Ping (only available in Pro version)

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this system monitor software.

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