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ForcePAD Download
Free Download ForcePAD 2.5.2

ForcePAD is an intuitive tool for visualising the behavior of structures subjected to loading and boundary conditions. The design of the user interface aims to be as intuitive as a standard image processing software. Users should be able to design structures, apply loads and define boundary conditions without knowledge of the underlying finite element model. It is also designed to give an intuitive image of stresses and deformations in the material.

ForcePAD is a sketch program materials, power and form. With the help of the program structures can easily be plotted and analyzed according to the applied force and locks. The structure of the program is based on the same ideas as ordinary paint program, like MS Paint, Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro or The GIMP. Materials are drawn with pencils, whose size and shape can be changed. Forces deployed with simple mouse clicks. Locks of the structure also painted out. Deformations and tensions can then be calculated and visualized.

ForcePAD's application window is divided into three main parts:
1. Plot Area.
2. Verkygsf lt with the main program features.
3. Property Palette.

On the artboard use drawing tools to paint the structure to be analyzed. The plot area is also used to show the results obtained in the calculation. The toolbar on the left is divided into four main parts. The first is ritverktygsdelen containing tools for drawing the structures to be studied. During this rigidity is the selector used to select the stiffness to be used by the drawing tools.

The next part contains the functionality to create and manage loads and locks. The final section includes tools to erase and locks and loads tool to erase the drawn stiffness. The right toolbar contains functionality to create new, save, open models and compute models. In the lower part of the application window is acting palette. This includes a number of tabs with properties for different parts of the program.

The license of this software is Free, you can free download and free use this graphing software.

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