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  • Date: Mar 10, 2010
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    LAN Messenger
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NetSend with simple and user-friendly visual interface. The NetSend GUI has a simple and user-friendly visual interface. Program's window contains two fields. The first one is the addressee field and the second one is the message field. In addition, the window contains a list of computer names in the network and their descriptions. This list is formed automatically when the NetSend GUI is launched and you can refresh it any time if you press Refresh button. Thus, you don't have to memorize names of computers in the network and type them in manually. All you have to do is to select appropriate computer from the list and its name will automatically appear in the addressee field.

Fomine NetSend is fully compatible with the following messaging software: Microsoft WinPopup, Fomine WinPopup, Fomine Messenger, Microsoft Messenger Service.
Windows Vista no longer has the Net Send command. Microsoft has removed the Net Send command, Messenger service and Winpopup protocol altogether from Windows Vista because of the many security problems associated with the protocol.

With Fomine NetSend you have the following advantages:
1. You can disable dangerous Microsoft Messenger Service, a provider for the Winpopup protocol. This alone closes a huge security hole and gets rid of the Messenger Spam issue.
2. Unlike NetBIOS used by Winpopup, the TCP/IP protocol used by Net Send GUI is securely controlled by firewalls and is completely protected against the spam issue.
3. Net Send GUI is fully compatible with Winpopup LAN Messenger, OfficePopup and similar applications.
4. There is a receive-only version that allows your network users to receive messages, but provides no means to send any

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this lan messenger software.

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