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Folder Organiser is a program designed to organise your folders. Folder Organiser is a program designed to organise your folders. It was an arsenal of tools designed to automate tedious tasks, such as removing empty directories and renaming files.

Folder Organiser Features:
1. Bulk renaming of files
2. Scans for duplicated and unneeded files
3. Scans for duplicated files
4. Mass image converting, renaming and cropping
5. Cleans system

How to use:
1. Basics
Here, you must select a directory. You can do so by clicking the grey box with a folder on, and then selecting a directory, or you can just drop a directory on.
Here, you can do batch file renames. The quick rename feature will rename by tags you enter, which can be viewed by clicking the "view tags" link.
The find and replace will find a term, and replace it with another. It is not case sensitive when finding the terms.
The remove and insert function will remove or insert text at a zero-based starting position (the fifth position in this sentence is between "f" and "i" in fifth, and position zero is before the first letter).
When you rename, it will check that you produce a unique naming method.
If you want to move files to a different folder, include the root directory (e.g. "C:\"), followed by the path you want to move them to. The tags will be able to create directories.

2. Clean
This will give you the option to remove unneeded files from your computer. Check the items in the list you wish to delete, and then click "clean". Descriptions of the items can be viewed by clicking on them.

3. Folder
Scan for Duplicated Files
This feature will allow you to delete copies of files. Click "analyse", and then you can automatically delete the copies, or you can right click to remove an individual one.
Scan for Unneeded Files
This will let you set parameters to delete unneeded files inside your working file.
The "temporary files" option has a list of file extensions that are associated with temporary files. Checking this will list all files with a file extension in the list.
"Extracted archives" will look for archive files that have a folder with the same name.
"Other" will give you a way to search for specific file types. Read specifying file types.
This tool is designed to delete empty directories. You can chose to ignore no files, so only completely empty directories will be deleted.
Alternatively, you can ignore certain file types, or all other files other than the type. For example, if you have a music folder, you would ignore other files than music, and all the files with music will be ignored.
To choose to ignore specific file types, read specifying file types.
Scan for Nested Directories
This will look for folders inside a folder that contains only one directory, and no other files. For example, if you have a directory C:\Downloads\Program Download\Program, and "Program Download" just contains the directory "Program", the new directory will look like C:\Downloads\Program.
Specifying File Types
When you get a link with the text " ", clicking it will allow you to pick file extensions to be used in a search. You can chose from the list, or add a custom extension. You must write the extension (e.g. ".txt"), and not the file type (e.g. "Text Files").

4. Images
You can change an image's file format by checking the "convert" option. Select the file types you wish to convert with the check boxes, and the destination file type with the dropdown.
The "resize" option will allow you to pick the images dimensions. This will resize to the specified dimensions unless the aspect ratio is checked. If this is the case, the image will be no larger than your specified size.
Images can be cropped by selecting the "crop" function. If the coordinates exceed the image size, it will not be cropped. If the crop rectangle hangs off the edge of the image, the crop rectangle will be reduced.
The backup option, if checked, will copy the original file to the directory "current file/Backup/Date".

* .NET Framework 4

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this file management software.

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