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Do you have many sensitive files and documents that don't want others to visite or modify. Do your company has some important data to protect. Whether it is jpeg file protection or folder encryption, a powerful and easy to use files and folders locker is the best choice! Want to have a good sleep without worrying about your important and valuable files and data? No problem! Folder Lock is an ideal solution I will show you! Following are the detailed introductions of it.

Folder Lock is a fast data encryption and password protection utilityfor Windows. It can simultaneously encrypt, lock and password protect our files, folders, drives, USB drives and even CD/DVD-RW. Folder Lock creates encrypted storages called "Lockers". We can keep as many of our private files and folders in our Locker and password protect them with a single click. We can transfer, secure and backup these Lockers. These Lockers are portable, we can keep them in USB Flash Drives, CD/DVD (R-RW), and notebooks or transfer them via email or upload. Lockers are even undeletable on the computer where Folder Lock is installed. Furthermore, Folder Lock's options like hack attempt monitoring, stealth mode, data shredding, history cleaning and auto protection can enhance data security beyond anything ever achieved. In addition, a locker's delete, move and rename are password protected to prevent data loss. Folder Lock is Windows Vista/2003/XP/2000 compatible and is the most downloaded File Security program in the market today. The key features and advantages of Folder Lock include:

Folder Lock is compatible on all 32-bit and 64-bit flavors of Windows 7.0, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2008, Windows 2003 Server and Windows 2000. The protection is cross-platform compatible and PC independent. Folder Lock offers great features and zero compromise on data security in all versions of Windows.

Folder Lock offers fastest way of encrypting and password protecting files and folders. We can either choose to encrypt important files from techies or lock our files, pictures and private data from casual users. Folder Lock comes with locking, encryption, shredding, stealth mode, hack attempt monitoring, portability, plug and play support, history cleaning, and more than 20 privacy features all tailored to special needs for people wanting privacy and security.

Folder Lock uses US military standard 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard algorithm to protect our valuables. Encryption is on-the-fly and decryption is automatic i.e. content is loaded in memory instead of hard drive. This means our data is unrecoverable without correct password no matter how the protection is tampered and the protection is fast as it does away the hassle of decrypting everything in your hard drive.

Folder Lock offers full portability by offering PC independent password protection of our files and folders. We can create a portable Locker in our USB Drive or Memory Stick and Folder Lock will also create an autoplay executable in our USB drive. Automatic plug and plug is also supported making it easy to open protected Lockers on USB drive without the need to install Folder Lock.

With Folder Lock, all our data sits in one location i.e. our secured Locker. Furthermore, the program support multi-user interface making it easy for the whole family or our colleagues to use our computer for storing their own Lockers with their own passwords. Never again worry about data loss, theft or privacy breaches.

In addition, Folder Lock provides a free trial, but only can be experienced 30 days free and some features are disabled. Its current version is 5.7.5 and you can get registration for only $35.00. It's a standalone software and does not need any extra software and hardware requirement. What are you waiting for? Download the free trial now and experience what powerful and effective it is at once!

Folder Lock is a fast file-security program that can password-protect, lock, hide and encrypt any number of files, folders, drives, pictures and documents in seconds. Protected files are hidden, undeletable, inaccessible and highly secure.
Folder Lock hides files from kids, friends and co-workers, safeguards them from viruses, trojans, worms and spy ware, and even protects them from networked PCs, cable users and hackers. Files can also be protected on USB Flash Drives, Memory Sticks, CD-RW, floppies and notebooks. Protection works even if files are taken from one PC to another on a removable disk, without the need to install any software.
Folder Lock locks files in Windows, DOS and even Safe Modes. Additional Options include Stealth Mode, Hacker Attempt Monitoring, Shred files, AutoLock, Auto Shutdown PC, Lock your PC, Erase PC tracks, 256-bit Blowfish Encryption and Context Menu in Explorer.

Folder Lock is Windows Vista/2003/XP/2000/NT/Me/98/98S compatible and works on all kinds of disk types like FAT16, FAT32, NTFS. Folder Lock is the most downloaded file-security program in the market today.
Folder Lock is an easy to use tool to create a password protected folder, that you can use to store all your sensitive files and documents. The folder is completely hidden while it is locked, and the files and folders contained in the Locker are unaccessible from Windows Explorer or even DOS mode. The program is very easy to use, it offers a simplistic interface that lets you unlock/lock and open the protected folder, and then simply drag new files into the Locker.

Folder Lock offers 3 different protection methods (lock, scramble and 256-bit Blowfish encryption). You don`t have to keep folder lock running all the time in order to keep your files protected, just launch it when you need to gain access to your protected area or want to add new files.

Folder Lock is completely self-contained, and you can use it to protect removable drives (e.g USB drives) and transfer data securely from one location to another without the need to install any software. Additional features include file shredding, stealth mode, hack attempt monitoring and more.

Benefits of Registering Folder Lock:
1. Registered users will get:
2. A Full version to download (no trial limit)
3. No nag screens, no trial reminders, no functionality limits.
4. Upgrades are FREE, (unlike other companies).
5. Life-time priority customer support.
6. Bonus gifts worth $29 (E-books and Fun Files).
7. 3 additional skins, a) Crimson Red b) Purple Sparkle c) Green Turtle
8. Stealth Mode feature to hide the program and operate by hotkeys.
9. Ability to Encrypt unlimited number of files (no 25 MB limit)
10. Ability to Scramble unlimited number of files (no 250 file limit)
11. Unique Master Key for users who have forgotten their password.
12. Feature requests will be welcome.
13. No hidden or subscription charges at all.
14. A personal Thank you message from the developers of the product.

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $27.96, you can free download and get a free trial.

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