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  • Date: Mar 22, 2013
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Fing for Windows is the ultimate tool for network discovery and scanning, allowing administrators to troubleshoot their network easily and at the speed of light. Once installed on a Windows, Mac or Linux computer, your home, office and corporate network are just one click away.

Born from the ashes of Look@LAN, fing is the ultimate command line tool for network and service discovery, taking advantage of the brand new cross-platform network engine which is going to be the core of our next upcoming products. Our new team of IT specialists has been working on it, and that is only our first milestone, a good way to start testing the core engine on the field and let you start enjoying the view of your network. Our plan is clear and straight and will brings us to offer to you a complete integrated solution for network monitoring and network management.

At the moment fing is a command-line tool, but GUI is coming soon.

1. Network discovery
The network discovery provides you a complete view of any network in a very short time: fing smart discovery automatically detects the network type and uses the best technique to take the picture of it.

The best results are surely achieved on ethernet networks (WiFi ones included), where fing can benefit of a special data-link layer discovery engine which allows it to reach an impressive discovery sharpness and speed: no matter what firewall or blocker you installed on a machine, fing is going to discover it in few seconds!

You can start as many discoveries you wish, and for each running discovery you can make fing produce several output flows. E.g. a network table view in HTML format plus a CSV log of network events. Fing provides reports that can be used in console window, during normal network/system administration work, like a plain text report, but also enhanced reports, like HTML or XML format, that can be viewed from a browser or imported by your 3rd party applications.

2. Service discovery
The service discovery feature quickly detects active TCP services on a target host or network.

Service discovery also gives its best with ethernet-based networks, where TCP SYN scan technique can be applied to audit active services on any host in few seconds.

Discovered services can be exported to various formats (like text, CSV, XML, HTML), so that it is actually possible not only to use it as a command line administrative tool, but also integrated with your 3rd party applications.

NOTE: You must be an Administrator to install Fing on your machine

Installing on Windows:
Fing installation on Windows is straightforward: download the package and install it. If you do not have winpcap packet capture library in your system, you will be also prompted to install it. When asked to enable the Winpcap 'NPF' Windows service, you can decide whether:
1. to install and start the NPF service, thus allowing fing (and other packet capture tools) to be used by any non-admin user in the system
2. not to install the NFP service, so that only admin user accounts will be allowed to use fing
As soon as installation is complete, you can open a command prompt and start finging

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this network inventory software.

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