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  • Date: Sep 30, 2012
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Finale NotePad Download
Free Download Finale NotePad 2012.r1

Finale NotePad is your introduction to the world of music notation software. Your introduction to the world of music notation software. Finale NotePad is a professional and avdvanced application designed to enable you to compose your own music. Find out how fun and easy it is to transform musical ideas into beautifully printed music.

1. Hearing Your Music
NotePad includes 128 professional instrument sounds and Human Playback to make sure your music sounds as good as it looks.

2. Entering Notes
Enter notes using MIDI or your computer keyboard and mouse.

3. Adding Markings, Lyrics, and More
NotePad helps you enter guitar tab, lyrics, dynamics and tempo markings in addition to notes.

4. Sharing Your Music
In addition to printed pages, NotePad exports MIDI and MusicXML files.

Finale NotePad Features:
Entering notes is easy
1. Enter notes with your computer keyboard and/or mouse and hear their pitches. Click notes onto the staff or enter notes with the numeric pad and keys 'A' 'B' 'C' 'D' 'E' 'F' and 'G.' Drag notes up and down to find the pitches you want.
2. Input notes in step time using your MIDI keyboard (or any other MIDI device). Use your MIDI keyboard in combination with your computer keyboard and mouse to enter notes and chords.
3. Import Format 1 MIDI files.
4. Import Finale NotePad and other Finale family notation files (Finale, Finale PrintMusic, and Finale SongWriter).
5. Import MusicXML files - Unlike MIDI files, MusicXML allows you to transfer the sounds and graphical elements in your file to other applications including older versions of NotePad.

Intuitive and powerful:
1. Lyrics - Improved in NotePad
Enter a lyric verse and NotePad automatically spaces the lyrics under the notes with publisher-quality precision. Lyrics instantly appear exactly as they'll print out.

2. Percussion Notation
We've simplified the process of getting notes on percussion staves to look - and playback - exactly the way you want them to.

3. Guitar and Bass Tablature
Easily create and edit Guitar and Electric Bass tablature (standard tuning only)

4. Dynamics and Tempo Markings
Adding dynamics and tempo markings is quick and easy, and all items look great, are automatically positioned, and change playback appropriately.

Human Playback and over 128 sounds:
Your music deserves to be heard with all the feeling, phrasing, and nuance you felt when you wrote it. The Human Playback feature will play your music as you would want it to be performed, even if you enter notes with your computer keyboard or mouse.

Printing and more, With Finale NotePad you can:
1. Print professional-quality sheet music.
2. Export MIDI or MusicXML files. Unlike MIDI files, MusicXML allows you to transfer the sounds and graphical elements in your file to other applications including older versions of Finale or Finale NotePad.
3. Share your NotePad files with anyone who downloads the free Finale Reader to view, print, and play your music.
4. Collaborate with others by sharing your NotePad files with users of Finale family notation software (Finale, Finale PrintMusic, Finale SongWriter, and Finale NotePad).
5. Post your music at the Finale Showcase, a free site hosted by MakeMusic where people can see, play, and print your music.

1. You can try out all of NotePad's features for 30 days, including printing and saving.
2. Each time you open NotePad, it will prompt you to register the software, which you can do after purchasing NotePad and obtaining your serial number.
3. After 30 days, you will be unable to print or save until the program is registered with your NotePad 2011 serial number.

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $9.95, you can free download and get a free trial.

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