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At most cases Windows applications are very complicated. They put large number of traces to our system. Especially that refers to such things as entries in Windows Registry, Program Files and Shortcuts. We often install all kinds of software on our computer and sometimes we need to uninstall them for some reasons, such as the expired trial, dilapidated program, unnecessary add-ons, similar utilities etc. Unfortunately, not all of them can be uninstalled completely by the uninstall tools along with them. In addition, some software have not the uninstall tools at all. Also some users simply doesn't use uninstaller! They just delete the application program files from hard drive. Thus some traces still stays untouched! Large amount of junk traces will make our PC slower and slower. How should we do in this case? Well, an expert programs uninstaller will help us to avoid all these problems and much more. Final Uninstaller is such an utility I will recommend to you. Following is the detailed introduction of this handy software uninstaller.

Final Uninstaller is of great use as it helps in uninstalling the applications completely along with the left-over files that may affect the performance of our system. It provides an easy and comprehensive solution for uninstalling unwanted programs, whether it's running properly on our computer now or it has been corrupted and leaves some remnants after a failed uninstall or install. It also cleans up all junk files and removes invalid registry entries to optimize our PC efficiency. The key features and tools of this unique software uninstaller include:

Final Uninstaller is based on a remnants database which contains abundance of data that stubborn left files have. With powerful database technologies and high-performance remains searching, Final Uninstaller can intelligently detect hidden leftover registry keys, files and folders and remove all remnants of a partially uninstalled program.

Special Uninstaller is a Final Uninstaller plug-in that is specifically designed to safely and effectively uninstall software that involve complicated uninstall procedures, for example, anti-virus programs, spyware programs and programs in Adobe series, etc. It can better clean up the leftover registries and hidden files that caused by failed or incomplete uninstall.

Junk Files Cleaner finds and removes various types of junk files to free up valuable disk space and speed up system performance. It can make our computer run faster, cleaner and error free by scanning, detecting out and cleaning up all the junk files completely.

Registry Cleaner reduces registry errors in Windows and cleans the registry with only a few clicks. We can enjoy fantastic system speed after deep scan, comprehensive diagnosis and safe repair by Registry Cleaner.

Junk Files Monitor deletes temporary and unnecessary files in the background without disturbing normal Windows use. By monitoring system and cleaning junk files continuously, Junk Files Monitor keeps our system clean and frees up disk space in real-time.

Disk Defragmenter can not only optimize the file system, but also help rearrange fragmented disk data into continuous space, accelerate disk accessing and reading speed as well as free more space on the disk, hence achieve the maximum PC.

Emergency Restore can easily recover uninstalled remnants and registry in case we mistakenly uninstall programs. For our convenience and protection, Final Uninstaller automatically backups remnants files and windows registry before uninstalling programs from Remnants list. If we inadvertently remove programs that we actually want, it's easy to get them back.

Search function gives us quick and easy access to the unwanted programs. We can not only passively uninstall programs from scan results but also search for a specific program which has been listed in the database to uninstall it directly.

The new version of Final Uninstaller adds support for sorting scan results by Install Date, Software Name, Publisher and Rank. This helps a lot to find the unwanted programs quickly.

Final Uninstaller is constantly being enhanced to remain at the cutting edge of technology. Online Update function provides free automatic updates for downloading and always keeps Final Uninstaller up to the date.

Final Uninstaller allows us to browse detailed information of a program before uninstalling it. Final Uninstaller is able to show the detailed information of programs listed in the scan results such as installation folders, leftover files, registry keys, registry entries, install date, publishers, and etc.

Final Uninstaller provides a 30 day free trial for us. It is a standalone software and does not need any extra software and hardware requirement. Want to keep your computer cleaner and quicker? Why not give Final Uninstaller a try and experience its advantages yourself now!

Can't uninstall applications completely? Still have incorrectly uninstalled programs stuck in your computer? Being frustrated by repeated failures of installing new software? Now you find the right place!

Final Uninstaller offers a new and better way to make your PC run more efficiently by cleaning up files and registry entries that were left after unsuccessful uninstallation. The program is based on a powerful leftovers database to support many functions of thoroughly scanning your computer, intelligently detecting leftover files of various programs, clearly listing applications that can be removed and completely uninstalling with only one click This easy-to-use Final Uninstaller allows you to say goodbye to nerve-wracking leftovers and to speed up you PC performance.

Final Uninstaller provides ultimate uninstall experience for you
* Thoroughly scan your entire Windows registry and drives
* Intelligently detect hidden leftover folders and files
* Safely and permanently uninstall nerve-wracking leftovers
* Provide user-friendly interface with1-click Scan and 1-click Clean
* Provide free technical support and online upgrade service

As the result of the increasing demand for greater functions, many applications are more and more complicated. Every program installation on Windows may cause the operating system to change in a big way, such as copying system files, modifying registry, generating log files, installing device drivers and system services. All of these operations will affect the system performance and occupy disk space. Installing and uninstalling software repeatedly is often the case, which will cause system slowdown, freezing or crashing. It may also lead to some mysterious error messages popping up or other new software can't be installed correctly. Final Uninstaller has a scientific method of dealing with these problems.

Final Uninstaller uses a high-performance detection algorithm that will quickly identify the left-over files and registry entries of every program installed in your computer. With a few clicks, Final Uninstaller can thoroughly scan your entire Windows registry and drives and provide a list of the applications that are not completely uninstalled. After that you can choose to clean list items to get rid of those applications you don't want.

Final Uninstaller has collected massive information of features that various left files have as its background database which supports real-time updating. The latest Final Uninstaller V 1.5 embodies features of stubborn leftovers of more than one hundred common applications.

Final Uninstaller key features
* The powerful database embodies abundance of features that stubborn left files have.
* Realize real-time updating of database and free technical supporting.
* Scan left files intelligently and detect invalid uninstall entries accurately.
* Delete stubborn left-over files which Windows Add/Remove Programs can't do.
* Delete stubborn left-over registry entries which Windows Add/Remove Programs can't do.
* Safely uninstall stubborn drivers that are left by Windows Add/Remove program.
* Safely uninstall system services that are left by Windows Add/Remove program.
* 1-click Scan and 1-click Clean make removing applications and left-over files easily.

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $27.95, you can free download and get a free trial.

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