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  • Date: Mar 12, 2023
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FileGee Backup & Synchronization Download
Free Download FileGee Backup & Synchronization 11.4.6

FileGee Backup & Synchronization is an excellent file backup and file synchronization software, FileGee features high efficiency, stability and less resource occupancy, and is adequate to meet the requirements of users. With no need for additional hardware resources, it can create carefree and full automatic backup and synchronization environments and can complete the file backup and synchronization operations accurately.

1. Achieve backup and synchronization between the computer hard disks, between LAN share directories, and between FTP servers as well as between any two out of the three.
2. Can hot backup database files, can read the file locked by other programs.
3. Can work as windows Service, doesn't need log in the operating system, runs completely in the background.
4. FTP can multi-threads upload or download.
5. FTP can resume broken upload or download.
6. FTP has FXP, two FTP servers can transmit file directly.
7. FTP has SSL, enhances data's security and reliability.
8. FTP has UTF-8, supports multi-charset filename.
9. Can backup files to E-mail, can split large files and store them in several messages.
10. With independent multi-job mode, the software can execute different backups or synchronizations for different file folders simultaneously.
11. Support one-way synchronization, bi-directional synchronization, incremental backup, full backup and other types of file synchronization and backup.
12. With various automatically triggered job modes, the software can start up backup and synchronization jobs in real-time, timing, interval, system idleness or manual methods.
13. Can preview the job execution, analysis the file operations that will be done.
14. Automatically record the operation errors resulting from execution and automatically retry them in next execution operation so as to ensure no file is missed.
15. USB removable storage devices can be monitored in real time, automatically backup or synchronize when the storage device plug in.
16. Support Unicode, the file name with multi-charset language can be processed.
17. Able to encrypt files when the backup or synchronize runs.
18. Intelligent recovery function for incremental backup, you can restore the source directory structure and files completely same as each execution.
19. Independent recovery tool for incremental backup, you can do file recovery on any computer.
20. Can adopt all-purpose zip format to compress backup files and can create password to protect the files.
21. Provide file filter function to execute selective filter or file name approximate matching filter for the targeted files.
22. Support to start job with command-line, you can run job in other software.
23. Support to run command-line before and after the job execution.
24. With plenty of timing planning solutions, the software supports monthly, weekly and daily planning modes.
25. Provide many modes for automatically deleting excessive backup files and logs, not only backing up useful data, but also wasting no storage space.
26. The jobs can be executed associatively, and execution sequence of relevant jobs can be specified.
27. During the execution, the job can be stopped at any moment, the software shall automatically record the backup files, with no backup repeated in next execution operation.
28. Detailed execution log makes a note of the operations and operation results of all files in each job comprehensively.
29. Clear-cut job progress display allows you to keep tracking of the job execution progress and possible emerging problems at any time.
30. Support plenty of storage media such as hard disk, USB storage device, FTP space and network storage device, etc.
31. Can achieve backup and synchronization between LAN directories, and enter user name and password to verify the shared network path.
32. Can achieve backup and synchronization between FTP servers, and can set proxy server in order to connect FTP server.
33. With human interface design, this software features a clear interface, definite function and simple operation. And the interface wizard design makes user's operation simpler.
34. With less resource occupancy, the software can back up and synchronize ultra-large-scale file folder.
35. With a very high stability, the software can operate ceaselessly and automatically for a long time, and needs no human intervention.

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $89, you can free download and get a free trial.

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