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  • Date: Jan 28, 2013
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Free Download File Wiper .NET 1.0 Build 1281

File Wiper .NET is intended to safely destroy any kind of file. For this purpose the program overwrites the complete content of each file before deleting it. Furthermore, each file that has been deleted with this tool will not appear in the system's Recycle Bin. This in turn provides a higher security because even if those files are restored their content remains unreadable.

Additionally, it is possible to safely destroy a file's parent folder. If this optional feature is activated then the folder name is overwritten too using a special wiping algorithm. Thereafter, this folder is deleted too, of course.

Another feature which should be mentioned in this section is that the program FileWiper firstly tries to delete all given files using the user's standard privileges. Only if that fails it is tried to restart the program with administrator privileges.

1. Shell Extension
As mentioned above the program FileWiper is shipped with an additional Shell Extension. This Shell Extension is mainly needed to easily call the program from within the Windows Explorer.

2. Tray Icon
The program FileWiper is generally designed to work in the background. This actually means that the program can run in the system's Icon Tray area.

3. Drag & Drop
Of course the program FileWiper also supports dragging and dropping of files and folders. This feature is very helpful when for example files and/or folders should be safely deleted that are contained in the Recycle Bin.

4. Algorithms
The program FileWiper supports various wiping algorithms that can be used.

5. Power Supply
The program FileWiper automatically suspends an active wiping as soon as the system reports an unplugged power supply.

Note: Please keep in mind the program FileWiper is by intension not designed to wipe already deleted files, which in turn means a cleaning of unused hard drive sectors. For such use cases other programs are available on the Internet.

Warning: Using this program is really dangerous! This is because of files which are deleted by this tool are overwritten. It means that a recovery of the original content of those files is definitively impossible as soon as the wiping procedure has started. Therefore, use this program really carefully.

* .NET Framework

The license of this software is Free, you can free download and free use this file shredder software.

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