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  • Date: Sep 05, 2010
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Free Download File Split 1.2

Small Utility to Split / Join Files. File Split is a small Windows-Program which splits Files into several single parts. Free Space for the first Destination File can be chosen. It rejoins multiple Files into one file, too. File Split works fast.

How to use:
The console version of File Split, FSCMD.EXE:

Command-line options:
-a : "Silent-Mode". No error or confirm -messages are displayed to the screen. You have to read out the errorlevel which FSCMD.EXE puts out, to get informations about the working-process.
-sX : Sourcefilename which should be split. I.e. -sMYFILE.TMP. This command-switch is required.
-dX : Destination basefilename. I.e. -dMYFILE. This command-switch is required.
-fX : Requested Filesize for each of the destination -files. I.e. -f1024. This command-switch is required.
-tX : The free size of the first destination file.
-cX : Particular filecount for the destination files.
-x : No preceding zeros for the file-extensions of the destination files.
-i : Ignore checking of free disk space during the write process of the destination files.

The meaning of the Error value which FSCMD returns to the console:
0 = No error
1 = Double command-switch
2 = Invalid command-switch
3 = Source-filename is missed at command-line
4 = Source-filename is invalid / does't exist
5 = Destination-Basefilename is missed at command-line
6 = Directory of the destination file(s) cannot be created
7 = The filesize for the destination file(s) is missed at the command-line
8 = The filesize for the destination file(s) is wrong
9 = The value for the free size of the 1st file is to low
10 = Not enough free Disk-Space on the Destination-Drive
11 = Error occured while reading from Sourcefile
12 = Error occured while writing Destination-File(s)

Installing: Copy the files FSCMD.EXE, FSPLIT.EXE, FSPLIT.HLP and FSPLIT.CNT into a Directory of your choise. That's all you have to do.

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this file splitter software.

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