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  • Date: Aug 19, 2009
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Free Download FastProxySwitch 3.5.2

FastProxySwitch is a windows program that runs in the system tray and allows you to change active proxy server and corresponding settings on the fly.
Working in modern corporate environments often requires us to be always on the run, switching networks, connections, rooms, VPN networks and offices. It wouldn't have been so frustrating if it hadn't been associated with the necessity to change network connection settings every time you log into another network. Another problem is that access to the necessary resources is often blocked by zealous system administrators adhering to corporate Internet usage and security policies. In such cases a well-configured proxy server can become the remedy, but what if you need more that one proxy What if you are using your laptop computer both at home and at work to surf the web anonymously If you are searching for an easy-to-use solution that will allow you to quickly switch between various proxy settings and minimize the time for logging into new networks, make sure you don't overlook FastProxySwitch!
FastProxySwitch is a compact application which resides in your system tray and enables you to change active proxy settings on the go in just a couple of mouse clicks. The concept is simple: whenever you want to activate new proxy settings, just select the appropriate option in the dropdown menu of the application. FastProxySwitch works with both configuration scripts and proxy servers. The program is smart enough to automatically read your current proxy settings for all existing connections the first time you start it. Whenever you modify your proxy settings in FastProxySwitch, the changes are applied to your IE and system settings at once. The program also automates some routines by running cleanups and external applications before/after the change of proxy settings and deleting the applied proxy settings.
Not only does FastProxySwitch facilitate you networking tasks, it also protects your anonymity by purging IE history, deleted temporary Internet files, cookies, cache and incorrectly typed URLs.
Don't miss FastProxySwitch - a reliable network aide you can always trust!
FastProxySwitch will save a lot of your valuable time in case if:
* You often turn on/off your VPN;
* You're using laptop in several networks with different proxy settings;
* You wish to access anonymously websites at work or home;
* You utterly want to access the websites, which are restricted by your unholy IT department;
* You are feeling safe while anonymously surfing the web.
You might change proxy settings using IE while FastProxySwitch is running. It will detect changes and will activate another proxy from it's list or will create a new one.
By using FastProxySwitch you can juggle with different proxies, change the current active proxy settings and drink coffee simultaneously.
FastProxySwitch works with both configuration scripts and proxy servers. This smart application will read your existing proxy settings for all existing connections the first time you start it. If you'll change active proxy settings using FastProxySwitch, they will be applied to IE and system immediately.
FastProxySwitch allows you:
* To enable and disable (Direct connection) proxy;
* Change proxy settings with only several clicks;
* Store your frequently used proxy settings;
* Use the automatic configuration script;
* Automatically activate proxy settings;
And it will do some extra work for you such as:
* Running cleanups before and after proxy settings change;
* Running external applications before and after proxy settings change;
* Automatical detection of applied proxy settings;
FastProxySwitch will automatically change proxy settings when Network Adapter Configuration changed.
FastProxySwitch will also help you to protect privacy and maintain order by cleaning up the surfing carry-over of Internet Explorer. This includes deleted IE history, deleted temporary Internet files, deleted cookies, deleted cache, and invalid typed URLs.

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $49.95, you can free download and get a free trial.

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