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  • Date: Jun 13, 2011
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Free Download Facio 14.3.3

Facio is a 3D-Graphics program for Molecular Modeling and Visualization of Quantum Chemical Calculations. Molecular modeling made easy. Although Facio is a native application of Windows environment, it is perfectly working on Linux with a help of WINE and Mesa, and on Macintosh (Intel Mac) with VMWare Fusion, CrossOver Mac, or Darwine.

1. Molecular Modeling Features
Modeling is simple. Replacing a hydrogen with CH3, CH2, CH, Phenyl, OH, Formyl, NH2 and Glycosyl, molecular model is assembled. Besides ordinary functions required for molecular modeling, Facio featues the following functions.

2. Visualization of Quantum Chemical Calculations
Molecular Orbital of Naphthalene's HOMO. Facio can visualize CUBE Molecular Orbital data of PC GAMESS and Gaussian.

3. Viewing Biological Macromolecule
Facio's native molecular structure format is PDB (Protein Data Bank). Thus, protein or nucleic acid data in PDB format is loadable to Facio. In the former version, Facio sometimes collapsed with fatal exception. This fatal bug has been fixed for the latest version. However, there still exist PDB files that Facio cannot parse.

4. Viewing Solvent Excluded Surface
Solvent excluded surface of Tryptophan calculated by MSMS as an external program.

5. Building Polypeptide
Specifying secondary structural feature for each amino residue, polypeptide model is easily built from scratch.

6. Building Polysaccharide
16 x 2 glycosyl groups derived from 8 x 2 pyranoses and 8 x 2 furanoses are available as substituent.
Oligosaccharide "Stachyose"

7. Building Polynucleotide
Polynucleotide model is built from scratch with a help of Tinker (nucleic.exe). Because of bugs in "nucleic.exe" module collision will occur in Z-form strand.

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this 3d graphic software.

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