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  • Date: Apr 08, 2011
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FaceTweak Download
Free Download FaceTweak 1.0.3

The Ultimate FaceBook Enhancer. FaceTweak - Facebook FX & Features is a Firefox extension designed to add many tweaks to Facebook.com. The tweals include: Large Images on Hover, Emotiocons, Select All Friends, Styles, and much more. A must have for Facebook users.
General Options
1. AutoLogin - Auto-login to Facebook (assuming Firefox is set to remember your password)
2. Chat Emoticons - Adds smileys to the side of Facebook, clicking on one adds to your message
3. Replace Smileys - Replace text smileys as graphics (graphics are original from Facebook.com)
4. Fixed Header - Makes the Facebook navigation menu remain fixed to the top of the screen
5. Fixer - Bigger photos, better albums, download videos, show age, Google Calendar integration, etc.

Social Options
1. Auto Confirm Friend Requests - Automatically accept all friend requests
2. Autopoke - Automatically pokes back pokers listed on your home page
3. Deletes - Bulk delete friends
4. Ignore All Requests - Denies all facebook requests on button click
5. Invites - Invites your friends to the app if theyve already allowed the app access
6. Highlight Birthdays - Highlights todays birthdays on your home page
7. Games Quick Invite - Adds quick invite links to various games (needs "Invites" option enabled)
8. Poke All - Adds "Poke All" and "Poke Selected" buttons above the pokes on user homepages
9. Reply Button - Adds a reply button to comments
10. Select All Friends - Select all friends at once instead of having to do so one by one

Media Options
1. inYOf4ceBook - Larger versions of thumbnails and profile pictures on mouse-over
2. Video - Adds links to download or convert videos with Zamzar.com, and provides * embedded code
3. View All Photos - Places link to view all photos of a user
4. View Photo in Album - View all photos of a user or an album

* Firefox

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this browser plug-ins software.

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