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FSTAT Download
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Gene diversities estimation made easy. FSTAT is a computer package for PCs which estimates and tests gene diversities and differentiation statistics from codominant genetic markers. It computes both Nei and Weir & Cockerham families of estimators of gene diversities and F-statistics, and tests them using randomisation methods.

From a data set of codominant or haploid genetic markers, FSTAT calculates the following:
1. Number of individuals per sample and loci.
2. Allele frequency estimated per sample and overall.
3. Observed and expected number of each genotype per sample and locus.
4. Unbiased gene diversity per sample and locus.
5. Number of alleles sampled per locus and sample, as well as overall.
6. Allelic richness per locus and sample, as well as overall samples
7. Fis per locus and sample, as well as a test of whether it is significantly positive or negative (significant deficit and excess of heterozygotes respectively).
8. Nei's (1987) estimators of gene diversities and differentiation.
9. Weir & Cockerham (1984) Capf (Fit), theta (Fst) and smallf (Fis) estimated per allele, per locus and overall. FSTAT also calculates Hamilton's (1971) relatedness relat=2Fst/(1+Fit), calculated using an estimator strictly equivalent to Queller and Goodnight's (1989). This measure is the average relatedness of individuals within samples when compared to the whole data set.

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this calculator software.

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