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  • Date: Feb 21, 2010
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Password protected FIPS 197 AES encryption of text and files. Share data with anyone you desire, and noone else. Channel-independent symmetric FIPS-197 AES text and file encryption program.

FRAter is an encryption application for text and computer files, using the FIPS 197 specification of the Advanced Encryption Standard. This is generally considered a very secure form of encryption, and it is used by the US government for classified (secret) information.

AES is a symmetric-key block cipher; a password is entered to encrypt the data, and the same password is used to decrypt the data. FRAter accepts almost any password (the selected password is expanded and 'salted' for the encryption and decryption), and you can freely use different passwords for different encryptions.

During text encryption, FRAter also Base64-encodes the encrypted text. This means that text encrypted with FRAter easily can be copied and sent in email messages, Internet chat, mobile phone SMS (text) messages, and similar channels. The recipient just needs to copy the received text into FRAter (application or online version) and enter the correct password to see the decrypted text. With a few minor adjustments, the encrypted text can also be used for things like querystring values in web page calls across the Internet.

Files encrypted with FRAter just need to be double-clicked for the FRAter application to start and prompt for their password. When the correct password is entered, FRAter decrypts the file, and offers to either save it on the computer or open it in the application best suited for the decrypted file type. If you open the file, you can naturally save it in the program used to open it, but FRAter erases its own copy of the decrypted file. Because of this, you can keep encrypted files on your computer which you can access in decrypted form anytime you like, but never save in decrypted form on your computer.

There are many kinds of 'secure' ways to exchange information, but FRAter is an application made by an individual for other individuals, with verifiable intact encryption all the way from the eyes of the sender to the eyes of the recipient, without having to trust telephone and Internet networks, or even the manufacturers of computer applications and operating systems. FRAter doesn't make it impossible for externals to access your data - no application does that. But FRAter makes accessing the data hard enough to discourage 'routine snooping' even for someone with access to vast resources. And these days, that can be pretty sweet.

FRAter encrypts text, decrypts text, encrypts files, and decrypts files. All operations require a password.

* .NET Framework

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this file encryption software.

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