FFXI Switch Monitor

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  • Date: May 05, 2010
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    Game Utility
FFXI Switch Monitor Download
Free Download FFXI Switch Monitor 1.1.0

Take control of your game with this application. FFXI Switch Monitor (FSM) is a small utility that was designed with the gamepad player in mind. Many of its feature set has been created to increase the game enjoyment while sitting on a couch, away from the keyboard and monitor.

FFXI Switch Monitor Features:
Take control of your game!
1. Never use ALT-TAB again. With a click of a button, cycle between multiple game instances on your PC quickly and easily.
2. Block game windows from being switched to.

Assign built-in functionality to your joystick buttons:
1. Toggle the current game window between normal size and "maximize", for those times you need to concentrate on the action for one character.
2. Quickly show and hide your magnifier windows.
3. Cycle between magnifier sets as the game demands.
4. Easily assign buttons by pressing it while inside the drop-down box.

A powerful magnification feature allows you zoom in on those hard to read spots when sitting away from your monitor or TV:
1. Resize and move the magnifiers however you please, there is no limit to the amount of windows you may create and use.
2. Panning the window contents allows you to target different locations on the game window.
3. While panning, a blue band will be drawn on the window to help you fine-tune your setup.
4. Zoom as close or as far away as you please. Need to pan outside the game window? You can do that too.
5. Finally happy with where your windows are placed? Afraid you will accidentally pan the inside with a stray mouse click? Ensure they stay there by locking them in place.
6. Toggle between border and borderless modes when you need optimal window placement. Afraid you will lose the ability to drag the windows without the border? Simply right-click and drag them.
7. Do you insist that one particular window stays above everything else? Then set it to be Always On Top.
8. Have that perfect window setup for your raid WHM but need something completely different for your grouping BRD? Use magnifier sets!

Spiffy pop-up rotary menu.
1. Consolodates many great features into a single button
2. Quick and easy access to common features
3. Vector drawn menu for speed and expandibiliy
4. Customizable menu options including colors, text, and item ordering

* A windows-compatible joystick for trigger actions. (Optional for magnifier window use)
* A game windower. Tested with Azriels Windower 3.2 and 3.3 series.
* NET Framework
* DirectX Assemblies (provided with installer).

The license of this software is Free, you can free download and free use this game utility software.

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