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  • Date: Nov 15, 2010
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Fax Balancer is a utility that monitors a file folder for incoming facsimiles or PDF files and equally distributes them to email addresses or file folders. It can convert Tiff images to a PDF file, email the file as an attachment, or place it in a shared file folder with the user receiving a link to the file for processing. Optionally, it can place a file in a users folder for them to check.

It does not attempt to deliver the files equally by size, in other words, it is not trying to see that each recipient receives the same amount of pages only the same number of facsimiles.

The delivery destination can be either a file folder or an email address. When delivering to an email address the fax can be sent as an attachment or as a link to an archive folder.

Program Setup:
1. Enter the folder to be monitored for tiff images or PDF files
2. Select the type of output file the options are Tiff or PDF, please note if incoming files are PDFs they will not be converted to Tiff images.
3. Select an option for when an email address is found in the distribution list. The options are to send the file as an attachment, send a link to the file in the archive folder or send a note with no link.
4. Place a check mark in this box to archive the original file, This must be checked if a link is being sent to notify the user.
5. Select an Archive Type the options are Tiff and PDF, please note if incoming files are PDFs they will not be converted to Tiff images.
6. Enter a path for the Archive Images
7. Enter the UNC path to the Archive Images if a link is being sent.
8. SMTP Mail Server Name
9. From Address that will appear on eMail
10. From Name
11. SMTP User ID
12. SMTP Password
13. The Port to Access your mail
14. Place a check mark if SMTP Authentication is Required, Once the information has been entered click on Test Mail. If the mail information was entered correctly the message will confirm it (the message maybe different depending upon your mail server). Click on Save to return to the Main Menu

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $149.00, you can free download and get a free trial.

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