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  • Date: May 23, 2011
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F2IBuilder Download
Free Download F2IBuilder 3.10

F2IBuilder is a great font to image builder, a tool for generation of images i contend the characters, the generated image is used basically in one called technique Bitmap Font, that consists of the use of an image contends the characters that if it desires to draw in the screen, such technique is widely uses in software multimedia and games.

F2IBuilder with is a tool aimed at automating the task of converting sources, is focused features for the application of styles available sources in the operating system. The options it includes are:
1. Selection of sources available in the OS (GNU / Linux, MS-Windows);
2. Font size selection;
3. Selecting the size of the image (texture);
4. Automatic, according to the chosen font;
5. Manual, set the size to be used;
6. Display grid with the cutoff points of the letters;
7. Display shadows (Vertical and Horizontal);
8. Selecting colors for the Shadow Fund Source
9. Implementation of metrics (size of each letter);
10. Application Antialias;
11. Lets save the image as it appears in: BMP, PNG format (with automatic insertion of alpha);
12. Allow save the metric used in the image, ie the information of the width of each letter in a binary file (. Dat), thus maintaining compatibility with other software;
13. Adjust the maximum and minimum size on metrics;
14. Individual adjustment of the metric of each character;
15. Issue Table of characters (ascii);

To illustrate a case study, will accomplish some tasks, which can be viewed as are simple
implementation, not requiring prior training in on any other similar software.
We will undertake the following actions:
1. Font selection;
2. Selecting the font size;
3. Selecting the size of the texture;
4. Selection of colors;
5. Implementation of the Effect of Shadows;
6. Saving the Image files and Metrics;

* Java

The license of this software is Free, you can free download and free use this font software.

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