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EzMigration takes all the work out of moving to a new or larger boot drive or data drive. Theres no need to rebuild a drive or to spend hours reinstalling applications and searching the net for updates and drivers. You simply migrate everything in one simple drive copy operation. EzMigration can also help you easily move or expand a drive partition if necessary.
When you migrate a boot drive you cannot simply copy individual files from one drive to another if you want the new drive to be bootable. To create a duplicate boot drive that contains working applications, you need to move all the data as a single drive image. EzMigration drive migration software creates that drive image copy for you and transfers it to your new drive. It places what is essentially a clone of your original on the new drive.
When you copy a drive in this way, you are able to migrate not only your data files but your installed applications, preferences and even the partitioning information from your old drive. Ezmigration software eliminates all the time and effort normally required to set up a new drive. With just a few mouse clicks, the job is done.
But migrating your drive contents is only part of what EzMigration can do for you. When you transfer an image copy of your original drive to a new drive, the image creates a partition on the new drive. If your old and new drives are the same size, the partition will occupy all the space on the new one. However, if your new drive is bigger than your old one, you will end up with a partition the size of your old drive on the new drive and you may be left with a lot of empty space on the larger drive that you cannot access. EzMigrations partition expansion tool lets you easily move or expand the partition and regain that space.
EzMigration Features:
* Easily transfer an exact image copy of your drive to a new or larger drive.
* Duplicate a laptop or desktop drive.
* Migrate your boot drive in one quick and simple operation.
* Eliminate all the time and trouble associated with rebuilding a drive manually.
* Expand or move a partition, if necessary, with a few mouse clicks.
* Support for Windows XP/ 2000 /2003/2008/Vista/Vista 64

* EzMigration Copies it All
When you migrate your drive contents as an image, everything gets transferred in the drive copy process, including any partitions that were on the original drive. You end up with an exact clone of your old drive on your new or larger drive.
* Keep Things The Way They Were
This clone copy contains all of your installed working applications as well as all of your preferences, such as the arrangement of your Windows desktop. EzMigration will also migrate the boot partition so, when you install your new drive, it will boot up just like your old one.
* Some Things Are Worth Paying For--Like Your Time.
Sure, you could go digging around searching for all of your old installation disks. You could visit all of your software and hardware vendor sites to find their most recent updates and drivers. You could spend hours or days reconfiguring your applications so they work the way they did before. Or, you could just sit back and let EzMigration migrate your hard drive for you. And you could spend your time doing something you enjoy doing--because EzMigration eliminates all the hours of work normally associated with rebuilding a drive. It also seamlessly handles any needed partition expansion.
* Expand Drive Partition - Get All the Space You Paid For
If you are like most people, you are upgrading to a new drive because you need a larger drive with more space. When you migrate a drive, the image copy process creates a usable partition on the new drive that's the same size as your old drive. If the old and new drives are the same size, that's great. However if your new drive is bigger than your old one, you need to do something about the disparity. If you're copying the contents of an 80GB drive to a 200GB drive, for example, your new drive will contain an 80GB active partition and 120GB of inaccessible storage space. EzMigration drive migration software includes a partition expander tool that allows you to quickly and easily expand that 80GB partition to the full 200GB capacity of the bigger drive.

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $39.99, you can free download and get a free trial.

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