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Exult XML Conversion Wizard Download
Free Download Exult XML Conversion Wizard 2.7

Convert XML to MS Excel(XLS), MS Access(MDB), CSV & HTML. Exult XML Conversion Wizard helps you import the data from one or more XML files into a Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet (XLS file), a Microsoft Access Database (MDB or ACCDB file), CSV (comma separated values) or HTML.
1. Automatically figures out relationships: Data tables are created with parent - child relationships mirroring the XML structure.
2. Extract only the data you are interested in: After the XML file is loaded, you can preview the data and select the tables you want to export.
3. Merge data from multiple XML files: Merge and extract the data from multiple XML files. Smart parsing will ensure the data will be merged according to the XML file structure. View a demo.
4. Supports multiple export formats: Export data to Microsoft Excel (XLS), Microsoft Access (MDB), Comma-Separated Values(CSV), HTML or Text.
5. Looking for batch conversions? Use the included command-line program to set-up automated conversions.
6. Easy to use: With a familiar Wizard interface, extracting data from XML files could not be easier! No need to struggle with XSL stylesheets.

The command line program is called Exultcmd.exe and is bundled with Exult.exe. Among the main features of Exultcmd.exe:
1. Convert multiple XML files to MS Access (MDB), MS Excel (XLS), CSV, HTML or Text.
2. Merge data from multiple XML files Write output to a single Microsoft Access database, Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, CSV, Text or HTML file.
3. Save data from each table to a different file for CSV and Text output.
4. MS Access compatibility option: Specify "-a 2007" to create an Access 2007 database. Also supported are "-a 2003" and "-a 97" for older versions.
5. Existing output files will NOT be overwritten unless specifically requested (using -w).
6. Supports a dry-run option (using -n) where no actions are performed but the files that will be processed and the output that will be created are shown.
7. Option to turn off progress reporting (using -q) for usage in batch jobs.

* Microsoft Data Access Components

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $105.00, you can free download and get a free trial.

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