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  • Date: May 27, 2010
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Extromatica Network Monitor can be run either as standalone application or as Windows Service. It continuously checks workability of your servers and availability of crucial services. If something is going wrong, application will send notification and/or try to resolve the problem automatically applying user-defined set of actions. All activity is recorded to the log and can be analyzed later. It is possible to log selected events remotely using external services like Syslog or Eventlog.

Actual information can be exported to HTML by user request or by the schedule. Last allows easily integrate Extromatica Network Monitor with any Web server to access monitoring state reports remotely. To manage thousands of checks in the large environments a number of handy wizards included into the application.

Use the Extromatica Network Monitor as your network performance monitor. It will continuously watch over the efficiency of your individual network units, for example servers, printers, databases and services. Whenever something bad happens to either hardware or software, an event log will be updated and, if necessary, the administrator will be notified. The monitor can even take corrective actions, if configured to do so, possibly eliminating the necessity of manual intervention. This way, not only will you be notified immediately, but the problem may be solved even before the users notice it.

Highly automated, you can choose from a variety of communication methods for the event of a failure; the administrator can be immediately notified by mail, SMS, a sound and many other means. Furthermore, wizards and real-time filter groups are available to help you automate your routine tasks, even for generating HTML reports automatically.

* Constant checking of the availability of servers and services
* Automatic start and stop tests on schedule
* Start/stop tests, depending on the results of other tests
* An immediate alert in case of emergencies
* Automatic startup selected tasks to correct the problem
* Maintains logs and statistics
* Work in a normal application or as a Windows Service
* Convenient wizards make it easy to manage thousands of checks
* Automatic generation of HTML reports
* Repositories for most used alert and schedule patterns
* SMS messages and email messages as notifications

Check grouping
In case of huge number of checks, they can be separated into named groups for easy access and maintain. User interface supports unlimited number of nested groups. For the one's convenience, group caption shows the total number of checks inside the group as well as number of success and failed ones. Moreover, group icon changes its color if there is though one failed check in the group. Checks can be copied/moved between groups using both clipboard and drag-and-drop technology.

Informational panel
This is smart and easy-to-use information center of the system. Three tab panels contain application log window, window with statistic of currently selected group and informational property window of currently selected check. All information or any part of it can be easily exported into the clipboard in the human-readable format.
Double-click on a check in the statistic window gives access to the check information window. Particularly, this window contains log messages of the check, filtered out from the application log. Log window function 'Locate check' can be used to quickly find and show the check, source of the log message.

On-screen-display (OSD) event window
Important messages can be configured to be shown in the lightweight pop-up window near the application system tray icon. Right mouse click allows setup OSD window and double-click opens main application window. In case of event window being not touched, it automatically disappears. Being turned off, it can be enabled back in the options.

Pop-up event dialog
In case the functionality of OSD event window is not enough, the special pop-up dialog can be shown on important events of fail and restore at the center of screen. The check information (including history and statistics) can be invoked directly from this dialog. Function 'Locate check' can be used to open main application window and automatically find signaled check item as well. Like the OSD event window, the behavior of this pop-up can be changed in-place and it can automatically close itself if does not detect user interaction.

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $399.95, you can free download and get a free trial.

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