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Excel Server is a business-oriented Enterprise Information Platform. It integrates MS Excel and MS SQL Server into a network-based environment, on which an organization's crucial business processes are implemented and deployed easily in a "DIY" manner.
Excel Server's highly scalable architecture makes it suitable for both SMEs and huge companies.
- No professional IT knowledge is required for using Excel Server to build the information system for your own business.
- Smartly leverages the friendly and efficient MS Excel user interface, and the powerful data management capability of MS SQL Server.
- Users define business logic, design data report templates, and process business data all in MS Excel, which lowers the learning curve and the maintenance costs of the whole system.
- The business data and logic is centrally stored and managed in MS SQL Server.
- Powerful workflow support, which makes Excel Server a perfect EAI platform. Each work item on the workflow chain is data-driven, and closely integrated into the overall business process. The real-time progress of the workflow processing can be traced and monitored at any time.
- All data sources can be inter-connected and referenced within and across the organization boundary, securing the data integrity for the whole enterprise.
- The "data fetcher" and "data writer" make data cross-referencing an easy task, and minimize the data redundancy and maintenance cost.
- Flexible and carefully designed authorization and authentication make business process run in a highly secure environment, and adaptable to future organization structural changes.
- Can process business logic and data directly on the Web, making the organizations business extensible to every place where an Internet connection is available.
- Supports cluster-based deployment and centralized system administration.
Excel Server's Features

1. Data Fetcher allow users to freely use or query all the authorized data or records within the internal information system. An Excel template can define many 'Data Fetchers'. Those 'Data Fetchers' would greatly improve your working efficiencies, productivities, and reduce human errors.
2. Data writer can use the data in current form/report to update the previous form/reports under some conditions.
3. Workflow allows Excel spreadsheet to pass around according to predefined procedures based on the distinguished access authorities and roles. Additionally, in every workflow task, authorized users could get their intended data via the easily manipulated 'Data Fetchers' and update previous form/reports via Data writer. Therefore, Data Fetcher, Data writer and workflow is one of most important features for Excel Server 2005.
4. ESWeb allows user to fill report , apply data fetcher and data writer, query data, and do tasks of workflow via internet. By using Excel server templates, an organization information system could be built effectively .
5. Outer data source can integrate other database applications into excel server.
6. In Excel Server 2005(Enterprise Edition), public data (such as: Organization, Employee, Role, Event Viewer, Backup and Restore) is centrally managed; in contrast, Data Type, Data Selection, Keywords, Auto ID process, Outer data source could be managed separately; worksheets, accounting books and reports are designed and managed based on users' authorities. Those management methods would increase system's flexibility and usability.
7. Excel Server 2005 is developed based on MS Excel. Any users who can use MS Excel could easily acquire Excel Server 2005 skills. This would greatly reduce training and maintenance costs.
8. Excel Server 2005 uses MS SQL Server2000 as the backend database management system. It makes whole system running safely and smoothly.
9. It can be used for both LAN and WAN.
10. It supports cluster system.
11. It supports Cross table and uploading excel workbook.
12. It can access the huge excel files and data from excel server.
13. It supports to access huge Excel files into database.
14. Default window to open after login can be customed.
15. It supports to access pictures.
16. It supports to change the port of SQL server as external data.
17. It supports excel with attachments.
18.It supports one workflow can start another workflow.
19. It supports to query the states of workflow.
20. The instances of report can be locked by conditions or manual.
21. It supports VBA call.
22. Client automatic upgrading.

Top 10 reasons for choosing Excel Server:

1. Increasing data query accuracy

2. Improving work efficiency
3. Centralizing data management results for data safety
4. Managing data effectively
5. Standardizing business management
6. Reaching goals easily
7. Reducing data transformation costs
8. Maintaining easily
9. Easy to learn
10. Flexible information management system

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