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  • Date: Jan 15, 2010
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Excel Greenhorn Download
Free Download Excel Greenhorn 1.2j

Excel Greenhorn - Tool bar utilities for Microsoft Excel, handy Excel addin that provides you with many useful options. ExcelGreenhorn is a handy and powerful Excel addin that will save you time and can be a big help to novice excel users and power users alike.

You do not need to be a power user to install and benefit from these utility tool bar buttons - they were designed for novices and soon to be power users although even seasoned excel users have raved about the speed and ease of use.

Excel Greenhorn Features:
Search and Locate:
1. Next unique value
Find next unique cell in current column - Most used button!
2. Next unique any change
Find next unique cell (or same value with different format) in current column
3. Next unique value right
Find next unique cell in row
4. Next blank
Find next blank cell in column - second most used button!
5. Next duplicate
Find the next cell that is a duplicate of the previous cell in column - one of the most used buttons
6. Find in Book
Search all sheets in current workbook

Copy and Paste:
1. Copy unique cells
Copy unique cells into new sheet with counts - great way to find one of each if many duplicate department entries for example
2. Copy unique lines
Copy unique lines from current sheet into new sheet with only unique lines
3. Fill down
Take current value and copy down until next non blank cell in column - good way to create data for sorting from sub headers, or to clean up imported data with missing info
4. Copy current line
Copy the current line with ctrl-K or with the supplied button - recommend approach to adding a line to a sheet - always better to copy a new line than add a blank to keep formulas correct
5. Trim spaces
Removes all leading and trailing spaces from selected cells - good way to clean imported data
6. Paste Value and Format
Paste Values only and format text with data color
7. Paste Formulas
Paste formulas only into the current cell
8. Paste Note Only
Paste a copied cell note as the note for the current cell
9. Paste date
Enter current date into current cell using my date format
10. Paste transposed value
Paste the current row as a column with values only, or paste column as a row
11. Paste link
Paste a link to the copied cell into the current cell - so when the original cell changes, this one will show the value

Formatting / Header Footer:
1. Format formulas
Format all cells with formulas so formula cells are easy to spot - great when working on new sheets to show you each cells that have formulas
2. Format Vertical
Format cell text to be vertical
3. Format Wrap
Text Format cell text to be vertical or if vertical back to horizontal (normal)
4. Format date
Format current cell with my date format (you specify what default date format you want using the Options button)
5. Best Fit Format
Columns of current selected cells to best (auto) fit
6. Format Text Blue
Format Text Blue
7. Format Text Green
Format Text Green
8. Format Text Magenta
Format Text Magenta
9. Quick header footer
Set Header and Footer using the Sheet name as the header - automatically add file name and date bottom left, page # of ## bottom middle, and confidential note bottom right - or to values you define with the configuration wizard

Files and Windows.
1. Next window
Go to next window (same as Ctrl-Page Down but as a button to help with navigation)
2. Jump to Sheet
Show list of all sheets (visible and hidden) to select the sheet to go to or to hide / unhide
3. Show or Copy full file name and path
Displays the full path and file name with an option to copy it into the paste buffer - so you can paste the full file and path name if needed (For example to attach the file from an email later)
4. Load Preset File I
Load the file allocated to quick load button I - Loads the file specified with the configuration wizard - you have up to 3 of these to quickly load common files you need
5. Load Preset File II
Load the file allocated to quick load button II - Loads the file specified with the configuration wizard - you have up to 3 of these to quickly load common files you need
6. Load Preset File III
Load the file allocated to quick load button III - Loads the file specified with the configuration wizard - you have up to 3 of these to quickly load common files you need
7. Quick file load from cell
Load the file specified in the current cell - for cells that contain file names and paths (that are easy to set using the Copy full file name and path button)
8. Set Preset File I, II or III
Set the path and name of the file to load when 'Load Preset File I' is pressed or selected
9. Set default dir to current
Set default directory to the current workbook path.

1. Show all named cells
List all named ranges and their location in the current sheet, as a report in a new sheet of the workbook
2. Add File To Recent List
Add the current workbook to the Recent loaded list (from the File menu)
3. Add Cell Note
Insert the contents of the cell as a cell note with ':' added. Will do nothing if the current cell note is not blank
4. Show Zeros
Set print options to display zeros or not display zeros - toggles setting each time
5. Extract Last And First Function
Cell Function (under User Defined) to split the first and last name of a name in a cell
6. Delete External Names
Delete all names that refer to external workbooks
7. File List to Max
Set Display File List Option to show last 9 files saved
8. Go to Name in Cell
Go to cell referenced by name in the current cell
9. Print First Page
Print the first page only of the current sheet

1. Count non blank
Show count of non blank cells - good way to tell how many real entries in sheet with many blanks
2. Show cell formatting
Show cell formatting and number info of the current cell

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $19.95, you can free download and get a free trial.

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