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  • Version: 6.1
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  • Date: Jun 05, 2012
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Empire XP Download
Free Download Empire XP 6.1

The object of Empire XP is to occupy every territory on the map, eliminating all other players, thus conquering the world. Build an empire in this Risk-like game, conquer the World against up to ten computer opponents or play against a friend over LAN, the Internet or Hotseat. If you are good enough you can get your name listed on the Top 20 Web site. You can also create maps of your own and share them with others. Options include seven computer personalities to choose from, chat while playing, play with or without dice, and statistics.

Some other important rules are :
1. maximum of 4 armies on 1 territory to place during initial placement
2. defend phase OR attack phase. (bonus armies for cards or continents can override this rule)
3. you can move all your armies (-1) to the newly conquered territory after a successful attack
4. only after an attack phase you may transport 7 armies across your own territories (so-called free moves)

Additional game options :
1. Internet/Online Gaming, play against others over the internet
2. Play against strong computer opponents
3. LAN multiplayer gaming, join a game or start a network game at home among the connected computers
4. Create maps of your own and share them with others
5. Submit high scores, get your name listed on the top 5 players list
6. One-PC-multiplayer game (hotseat mode)
7. Demo mode, use this as a tutor or a screen saver
8. Losses counter: minimize your losses during the game, the fewer armies you need the higher is your score
9. Hidden territories, test your memory skills with this option.
10. Computer player 'Personalities'
11. Chat while playing a LAN/Internet game
12. Statistics window
13. Strongholds
14. Troop Experience

SoftSea Editor Note: There have many Map Downloads on author website, but these maps is for Registered version only.
Download and unzip the zip Maps file and place the 2 files (.txt and .bmp) in My Documents\Empire XP.

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $5.95, you can free download and get a free trial.

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