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Emdros is a text database engine for analyzed or annotated text. It is applicable especially in linguistics, corpus linguistics, and computational linguistics. An easy to use corpus query system specially designed for storage and retrieval of linguistic analysis of text. It is especially applicable in corpus linguistics dealing with syntax, morphology, phonology, and/or discourse. It is also a generally useful text database engine.

Emdros has wide applicability in fields that deal with analyzed or annotated text. Application domains include linguistics, publishing, text processing, and any other fields that deal with annotated text.

What does it do well?
1. Linguistic analyses are the primary target domain. This includes all levels of analysis, such as morphology, syntax, and discourse analysis, and even phonology to some extent.
2. Publishing is also a field where Emdros can be useful. Emdros supports breaking a text down into pages, chapters, paragraphs, etc.
3. Text processing may benefit from Emdros if the problem involves annotating the text.

Emdros provides a conceptual model of text which can be quite liberating to use once it has been grasped.

Meta-data may also be stored, so long as there is some textual element with which it can be associated.

Emdros is good both for corpus linguistics (large amounts of text) and for field-linguistics (smaller amounts of data).

Fixed corpora, such as Biblical texts, are good candidates for making Emdros useful. Emdros is currently being used for large databases of the Hebrew Bible.

Dictionaries are also a target possibility. Emdros supports structuring of text documents down to minute details, while not losing the big picture.

The license of this software is Free, you can free download and free use this database management software.

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