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  • Date: May 26, 2011
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Free Download Element Browser for Netbooks

Element Browser for Netbooks is a stylistic, modern and powerful web browser. It features unmatched security, an intuitive user interface and great features. Element Browser for Netbooks is probably the most efficient browser for the smaller computers.

Top 10 reasons to use Element Browser for netbooks:
1. It's Free
2. It's Fast
3. It's Secure
4. It's Enjoyable
5. It's slick, and doesn't get in your way
6. It boasts incredible features
7. It's composed of modern technology
8. It can replace your OS
9. Takes seconds to install
10. Doesn't need much RAM

The Element Browser user interface is engineered by a team of professional UI experts, with ease of use in mind. The user interface consists of the following elements and features;

1. Element Browser Orb- The Element Browser Orb is the central location for performing tasks and changing settings. It congregates functions into a task oriented menu, which we call the stage.

2. Navigation controls - You can type and search for websites straight from the address bar, and navigating to and from websites is a breeze.

3. Page tools - The page tools button allows you to perform tasks quickly in webpages instead of having to dig through menus to find what you want.

4. Personal Hub - The personal hub is a central location that helps you get started on the web. Based on your preferences, by default you have quick access to the webpages you viewed last, get the time, perform quick tasks in Element Browser, and more.

5. Shelves (tabs 2.0) - Shelves are super improved tabs, which show live thumbnails of your tabs that you have open, which allows you to simplify your workflow and switch to the tab you want easier.

6. Web Applications Dock (Aka bookmarks bar 2.0)- The web applications dock allows you to pin your favourite websites and apps to the Element Browser interface, and perform quick tasks dynamically within the website you are viewing.

7. Dynamic panes - Panes such as Bookmarks, libraries and history only appear when you want them to, so you can dedicate more screen real-estate to your webpages. They can also automatically hide if you want them to if you've finished with them.

* NET Framework

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this web browser software.

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