Electrical Calculations

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Electrical Calculations Download
Free Download Electrical Calculations

Electrical Calculations software provides calculations for busbar and cable ratings, static and bulk power factor correction, motor starting currents and curves, enclosure ventiation, transformer calculations and many metric / imperial conversions and constants.
This application is suitable for tradesmen and Electrical Engineers.

This Software package includes a number of useful calculations:

Aluminium and Copper Busbar ratings
* Maximum Current
* Power dissipation
* Voltage Drop

Copper Cable Ratings
* Maximum Current
* Voltage Drop

Metric / Imperial Conversions
* Area
* Energy
* Flow
* Length
* Mass
* Power
* Pressure
* Torque
* Volume

Motor Starting Curves
* Direct On Line
* Autotransformer
* Star / Delta
* Soft Starter

Motor Acceleration Curves
* Direct On Line
* Autotransformer
* Star / Delta
* Soft Starter

Power Factor Correction
* Static Correction
* Bulk Correction

Correction is calculated for given information and cost savings and payback periods are calculated. Printed reports can be generated.

Enclosure Cooling
* Sealed Enclosure Temperature rise
* Forced Ventilated Enclosure Air flow
* Forced Ventilated Enclosure Temperature rise

* Transformer Fault Current
* Transformer Rating
* Genset sizing

The Electrical calculations software is a suite of calculations of value to electrical engineers and electricians, particularly those involved in the control of motors.

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $22.00, you can free download and get a free trial.

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