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Continuous integration solution. easyCIS brings an easy solution to process of integration, build and management. It is designed as an intuitive and easy to use system, but not limited in the robustness and scope of its features.

easyCIS is most suitable for teams which needs to master the problems of build automation, but don't want to invest valuable time and effort into this area, which is not their business. Instead they expect an instant solution with minimum of necessary settings and minimum of time spent with adjusting company processes.

EasyCIS Features:
1. Easy to use
easyCIS is designed with a emphasis on simplicity and intuitivness. We value your time and we know you want to invest it into application development, not into programs, that you acquired for the very purpose of saving time to you. easyCIS is easy to install and it's easy to use.

2. Independent on particular development metodology
Support for continuous integration, night builds, individual build strategies.

3. Project structure
In easyCIS projects are organized into hierarchy, not just into ordinary list. Typicaly a software procuct consists of many interlinked libraries which form a dependency tree.

4. Automated branches creation of the whole project hierarchy
It is common in software projects to create branches many times in terms of different metodics.

5. Distributed build
easyCIS architecture allows a distribution of system load of building into several computers. Build of a particular project is allways connected with a particular build server.

6. Microsoft Team Foundation Server
easyCIS supports access to TFS version control system. This feature helps to combine comfortable work with Team Foundation Server from the Visual Studio environment and integration features of easyCIS.

7. Disk space management
It is possible to configure a strategy of automated deletion of old and useless data for separate projects or the whole system.

8. Functions for software testers
For quality assurance departure easyCIS offers functions for work with particular integration results, such as taging and locking the results.

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this application software.

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