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  • Date: Jul 23, 2008
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Easy Movie Organizer Download
Free Download Easy Movie Organizer 2.0

Easy movie organizer is the easy way to organize your movie collection. If you are tired to use complicated software and spend much time to use it,read long boring manuals you are in right place. Organize your movie collection quick and easy. Add movie automatically in few easy step. Try something new try something different feel the difference between others and easy movie organizer.

Easy movie organizer is the ideal software for movie lovers. Organize your movie collection and your movie wish list always know wat's new and wat's comming soon in theaters and on dvd.Print,export movie to (adobe acrobat,microsoft word,microsoft excel,webpage,text file...) email movie to your friend. Organize your movie collection or your movie wish list quick and easy. Add movie automatically in few easy step. Try something new try something different feel the difference between others and easy movie organizer.

Easy movie organizer FEATURES:

- Print (print your favorite movie select template for print simple report(movie list),simple cover report(two movie per page),full report(one movie per page)

-Export movie data to various format (Adobe Acrobat(pdf),Microsoft Word(rtf),Microsoft Excel (xls),Webpage (html),Text file(txt) Image file(bmp,jpeg,gif,png,tiff,emf,wmf),Single file web page(mht),CSV file (comma separated values text)

- E-mail (e-mail your movie data to your friend this will export movie to selected format then easy movie organizer will open your defaul email client like Microsoft Outlook ,Mozilla Thunderbird,Eudora... and add new attachment with your exported movie data)

-Select once (double click on selected movie in main page window will open edit window and select the same movie, when add movie the last add movie is selected on main page and so on...

- Power search on main page (search movie added in your collection by title,genere,actors,director ,year)

- Where is this movie? (write the place where is stored your movie so next time you will find it faster,also for example if you have many avi files on one dvd you can write the dvd name)

-New interface (main page and export,print,e-mail page have ribonn like in Microsoft office 2007)

- Movie counter in status bar ( count how many movie you have added in your collection)

Only limitation in shareware edition is 20 movie add

Easy movie organizer:

-Wish list (unlimited wish list add ,enjoy select what movie you wonna watch)

- Wat's new? (always know wat's new on dvd,wat's now playing in theeaters,wat's coming soon on dvd and wat's coming soon in theatres)

- Amazon.com direct linking (easy compare price of new or used dvd,blu ray or hd-dvd)

- Power search (now you can search by title,genere,artist,director ,year or combine any combination for example you like Brad Pitt? Write in artist Brad Pitt or just select it from drop down list click search and you get all movie of Brad Pitt )

- Easy movie organizer online movie database (combine various source like official movie site, imdb,amazon,fandago....)

- Imdb direct linking (wan't more movie information? Get it with one click )

- Dinamic scrollbar on plot (appear only when is needed)

- Theaters movie release date (always know when your favorite movies is released)

- DVD movie release date (always know when you can buy you favorite new dvd movie)

- New studio image added (Buena vista,Dimension Films,First Look international,Think Film,Focus Features,Fox Searchlight Sictures,Magnolia Pictures,Picturehouse,Touchstone Pictures,The Weinstein Company )

Automatically movie add (you can add multiple or single movie)

Automatically save your work (everytime you add,edit or remove movie or edit drop down list easy movie organizer save your work for you)

Drop down list edit window (edit in one place all drop down list like search keyword,favorite artist,genere,director,studio and so on...)

Backup movie collection (backup in one folder all your movie collection)

New studio image added (Artisan,Trimark,Lucasfilm,LionsGate,Epsilon Motion Pictures)

Horizontal Scrollbar on movie list (for better preview long title movie)

Screen resolution optimization (for better preview on large and small monitor)

Multiple movie remove (remove all movie with one click)

Dinamiclly movie shareware counter on main page (when add or remove movie dinamic show how many movie you can add in shareware edition)

5 sample movie in catalog (you can remove it it's only for for preview how look's added movie)

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $49.90, you can free download and get a free trial.

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