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  • Date: Oct 13, 2009
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    Bulk Email Software
Easy Inbox Mailer Download
Free Download Easy Inbox Mailer 3.00

Easy Inbox Mailer is a quick inbox mailer which sends email using Gmail and Hotmail account from your desktop. Now you can send unlimited emails from your desktop without loging in to your gmail and hotmail account without using any SMTP server. You can add multiple email account on this software to send email. Say if you add 50 email accounts and select 200 email/account then you will be able to send 10,000 emails. The software rotates the email account automatically after sending a certain number of emails selected by you.If you select 100 then the software will send 100 email using each account and use the next account for sending to another 100 email. As this software use Gmail and Hotmail account for sending emails you can expect almost 100% inbox delivery rate. It can send at a speed of 1500 to 1800 emails/hour.
In today's Internet marketing strategies, being on search engines is not enough: sales are a matter of trust. Web visitors become customers when you give them the content they're searching for. Emailing and sending personalized content is legal when you gather new mailing list users.
When you catch interested subscribers the key for a winning and cheap email marketing is to mass email the prospects using a bulk email blast software as an email marketing program.

Download Easy Inbox Mailer , and send today mass newsletters and email offers.

* Send personalized and business emails .
* Send mass static emails .
* Look at it as marketing in bulk!
* Import your existing Gmail or Hotmail accounts - to be used as source accounts.
* Import list of emails (can be Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail or another) to be used as destination accounts .
* Guaranteed inbox delivery.
* Create and re-use templates .
* Rotate each email account after sending a certain number of email
* Import and Export email ids and password from text or csv file
* Use a different reply to address to get email reply
* Import large email database from text or csv file
* Send text and HTML format email message
* Send email attachment with email
* Starting from option. You can select from where you want to start sending email of the email list. say you have a list of 50,000 email address. You can start sending emails from 5,000 or 5,010 anywhere you want.
* Export failed email list into csv file ( invalid email address which are failed to deliver)
* Get a read receipt when someone read/open your email.
* Switch to Gmail or hotmail server whichever you want to use
* Email marketing at its best!

Reasons to buy
* Increase Your Sales Conversion
* Generate Repeat Sales
* Up-sell and Cross-sell Products and Services
* Gain Valuable Feedback from your Visitors
* Drive Web Users to Make Offline Purchases
* Send emails with ease
* Email marketing made easy
* And most importantly, make money fast!

The license of this software is Commercial Demo;,

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