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  • Date: Mar 21, 2010
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    Network Monitoring Software
EZ-IP Download
Free Download EZ-IP 1.0

EZ-IP can change Your Network IP Address, Are you a computer network tech that is constantly changing IP Addresses? Are you a PC user who wonders "How do I change my IP Address?" Do you ever wonder "What is my MAC Address?"

This is exactly what EZ-IP does. It will allow you to set your IP Address statically or dynamically and you can also see exactly what your MAC Address is.

In the case that you have more than one network card, such as Ethernet or Wireless, there is a drop-down menu to choose which network card the software is referring to so you aren't stuck with being able to change the address of just one network card.

Biden PC's EZ-IP allows you to:
1. View settings for any or all of your network cards.
2. Change your IP Address from DHCP to Static.
3. Edit your Default gateway.
4. Change your Subnet Mask.
5. View your MAC Addresses.
6. Set your DNS servers to static addresses.
7. Change it all from being Static to DHCP.

You are free to use and redistribute EZ-IP in any way that you see fit. This is excepted by the fact that you are not allowed to charge for it, add it to a software or hardware bundle, rebrand it, remove any links, or decompile it.

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this network monitoring software.

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