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Easy to use & legally compliant electronice signature software. E-Lock ProSigner enables you to sign files with password-protected credentials, or using X509 standard digital certificate procured from the third-party certifying authority. ProSigner's "Create eSignature" feature allows you to create your own password-protected credential, and associate handwritten signature image to it.

E-Lock ProSigner is a desktop software package that provides the capability to apply legally enforceable electronic signatures onto any electronic document or file. Easy to use and install, ProSigner integrates with the active directories. It integrates with the third party application like MS Word, Excel, Adobe Acrobat, and allows user to sign documents within these applications itself. It fully integrates in the Windows environment to enable the user to sign any files just at a right click and guarantees speedy ROI.

E-Lock ProSigner Features:
1. Adobe-compatible third party time stamping support
2. Verification of time stamp through Adobe Reader
3. Integrated e-Signature capability
4. Signing documents in DOCX format for Office 2007
5. Profiles for quick signing
6. TIFF signing support with embeded signature in PKCS#7 format
7. Sign / Verify / Encrypt / Decrypt files of any format
8. Supports multiple signatures
9. Supports password-based e-signatures in PDF, MS Word and MS Excel
10. Applies adobe compatible e-signatures in PDF files, verifiable using adobe reader
11. Supports signing the PDF/A files
12. Supports batch signing in MS Word
13. Supports time stamping
14. Supports section signing in word document
15. Works in MS Sharepoint environment
16. Supports Microsoft Crypto API
17. CRL, OCSP, CAM validation
18. Policy control enables enforcement of hierarchical signing of the documents used in the approval systems.

Businesses are being migrated on-line at an ever increasing speed. In keeping with this pace, it becomes difficult to adopt complex new technologies. ProSigner makes this shift from paper to on-line business seamless and transparent to the user. It provides several functions to make signing and encryption operations simple and easy to use.

E-Lock ProSigner works over Adobes native digital signature format, providing several value additions to the digital signature process such as the ability to associate a handwritten signature, functioning with IE, Netscape and Entrust security frameworks, support for OCSP and CAM validation, defining the signing sequence, time stamp support etc.

The E-Mark Capture Application allows you to capture your handwritten signature, optionally over a watermark image that you specify. You can also just select a pre-scanned signature image or bitmap. The captured signature image is stored as a .esg file. When you sign a file using your digital certificate, you can optionally choose to attach this signature image to your digital signature.

Step 1: To create a "credential"
Go to Start -> Programs -> E-Lock ProSigner -> Create eSignatures -> Manage Credential This will start the "Credential Manager Application"

Step 2: New Credential Wizard will start
This will start the "New Credential Wizard".

Step 3: Fill up the Registration Details
This is the "Registration" dialog box. At least one field has to be filled to proceed. You can provide further security to your digital credential by providing a password here. Thi s will prevent others from using your credential.

Step 4: Create a handwritten signature
This is the "Credential Settings" dialog box. Here, you can specify whether you want to create a new handwritten signature with or without watermark, or select an existing file (this needs to be .esg file, which can be created using "Capture eSignature").

Step 5: Draw the handwritten signature
This step provides you with a canvas to draw your handwritten signature. If you had selected a bitmap as a watermark in the previous dialog box, it will be displayed here.

Step 6: New Credential Wizard ends
This is the "Completion" dialog box, which displays status of your digital credential.

Step 7: Return to Credential Manager
Once you return to the "Credential Manager", the credential will be displayed to you. Now, you can start signing files with your digital credential.

* Internet Explorer
* Microsoft Office
* Adobe Reader

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $210.00, you can free download and get a free trial.

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