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  • Date: Apr 20, 2017
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DxO Optics Pro is one next generation automatic image enhancement, DxO Optics Pro is a multi-award winning program running on Windows or Macintosh to automatically improve image quality; DxO Optics Pro Based on extensive analysis of cameras and lenses, it is unlike any other digital photography software application.

Designed for advanced amateur and professional photographers, DxO Optics Pro is a "must have" accessory for supported DSLRs.
DxO Optics Pro offers fully automatic, professional image enhancement based on analysis of the camera and lens that was used to take the pictures. In the automatic mode, the program can process and enhance images without any user intervention, applying custom processing options to each image based on the camera and lens information contained in the EXIF data.
If you prefer more control, you can also choose from 2 manual modes that allow you to apply a variety of manual image enhancements including color and light adjustments, sharpness, noise removal, perspective corrections and more.
A side-by-side preview allows you to compare the original image with the optimized version. Other features include color optimization, RAW conversions as well as exposure and dynamic range adjustments.
DxO Optics Pro comes in 3 versions that differ in camera and lens support. This (Standard) version includes support for high end digital cameras as well as selected amateur and expert amateur Digital SLRs and their lenses. An Elite version with support for professional cameras and lenses is also available ($299).
The uniqueness of DxO Optics Pro lies in its ability to perform the highest quality corrections without human intervention.
Whether you want to enhance hundreds of pictures in a single click without having to bother setting up sliders, or you want to manually set up your own correction parameters, DxO Optics Pro will meet your need.
DxO Optics Pro offers a whole range of features to automatically correct and enhance your images. You'll be able to find out more about these as you navigate our site and in particular:
* Elimination of distortion, vignetting, &lens softness through specifically developed camera/lens modules
* Removal of camera noise (Major breakthrough in v5) & purple fringing
* Dust removal (NEW v5)
* Optimization of exposure & dynamic range
* Color optimization
* Perspective correction with Auto-Crop
* NEW revolutionary RAW conversion and highlight recovery
* DxO Optics Pro is delivered as three components:
* DxO Optics Pro stand-alone application
* DxO Optics Pro import plug-in for Adobe Photoshop
* DxO Optics Pro plug-in for Adobe Lightroom
* DxO Optics Pro v5's RAW conversion engine includes a completely new demosaicing engine producing images with much more detail and fewer artifacts, setting a new standard in image quality.
* Competitor RAW converters used to generate example images in this page include (in no specific order) Apple Aperture, Adobe Camera RAW 4.1, Nikon Capture NX, SilkyPix, PhaseOne v4 Beta, Bibble.
* At the very heart of DxO Optics Pro, the award-winning DxO Optics Engine uses unique hardware modeling to automatically eliminate optical defects.

Based on sophisticated models of camera and lens performance, DxO Optics Engine automatically removes:
* lens distortion
* vignetting
* lens softness
* chromatic aberration
* and with input from the user, can also apply perspective corrections (keystoning, horizons).
* DxO Lighting is a unique local exposure and dynamic range optimizer that can
* reveal shadow detail & preserve highlights.
* Automatically replicating analog film techniques known as "dodging and burning", DxO Lighting Engine brings out shadow detail while preserving highlights, textures, colors and a natural look.
* The DxO Color Engine incorporated in this very latest version DxO Optics Pro software revolutionizes color possibilities with a palette of color functions, from unique Color Rendition Profiles through Color Modes, to the innovative DxO Multi-Point Color Balance. Now DxO Optics Pro helps you achieve even better image quality with ever greater flexibility and control.
* A key characteristic of DxO Optics Pro's new RAW Engine is that instead of applying noise reduction techniques after demosaicing, a newly-developed noise reduction is performed upfront, before noise has a chance to be amplified by the conversion process and absorb important fine details.
* Combined with other proprietary techniques, DxO Optics Pro v5's new RAW Engine produces both the most detailed and most natural looking images yet, its very fine and homogenous grain translating into subtle shades and textures. DxO Optics Pro v5's new RAW conversion engine has been fine-tuned and optimized with the rest of DxO's automated image enhancement features (optical corrections, color rendering, exposure optimization, etc ) to produce best-in class results.
* This breakthrough noise removal technology is specially-tailored for each camera that we support. Competitor RAW converters used to generate example images in this page include (in no specific order) Apple Aperture, Adobe Camera RAW 4.1, Nikon Capture NX, SilkyPix, PhaseOne v4 Beta, Bibble.
* DXO Optics Pro v5 now incorporates a tool to remove dust and blemishes from any digital image. This feature has been very often requested by our current customer base and leads.

How does it work?
* Click on dust spots or blemishes with the mouse.
* DXO Optics Pro removes them automatically and provides a natural reconstruction of the scene.
* Any number of images can processed in batch mode with this particular dust/blemish template, leading to a significant productivity improvement.
* An advanced technology has been developed and implemented in DXO Optics Pro for reconstructing textured areas and suppressing blemishes in complex scenes.

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $129.00, you can free download and get a free trial.

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