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Druid Download
Free Download Druid 3.12

Create and manage your databases with this tool. Druid is a GUI tool for database build and management. Users can add/change/delete DB objects (tables, fields, etc). Druid generates for you: SQL scripts, docs in XHTML, PDF, DocBook, etc; code in C, C++ & Java Beans even for JDO and support Castor & OJB.

Don't let the first screen make a fool of you. It looks like there's nothing to do; well, that is what it looks like, not what Druid can really do for you! For now, close the "Did you know" window.
Let's right-click the split-pane on the left and select Add Database. Selecting this option we're effectively adding a new database to the project. We'll learn later that you can add more than just one db to the project. At this point you should get to the Database Wizard dialog which allows you to choose between the three options
1. Create an empty database
2. Create a minimal database
3. Create a database from a template

The first option should be considered for expert users only since the created db will really be empty, without data types and other nifty things that are no-doubt useful at the beginning stage. The second option can be chosen with no worries and it'll put at our disposal some basic data types defined by the SQL-92 standard.

The third option is definitely useful if we're working with one of the RDBMS included in the list (InterBase, Oracle and PostgreSQL; hopefully more will be added soon) since it'll automatically put at our disposal the appropriate data types supported by these applications. For our example we're going to use the third option with the PostgreSQL variant since under Linux it's a more often adopted solution.

Once the database is created, the druid can generate:
1. HTML documentation: for all tables, with browsing facilities
2. PDF documentation: for all tables
3. Java classes: (one class for each table) that contain tables' constants (such as fields size) plus java code added by the user
4. A data dictionarythat contains all tables and fields present in the database
5. SQL script which contains all table definitions that can be piped to the DBMS
6. And much more info...

Druid Features:
1. Graphical editing
2. Tables groupable in a hierarchy
3. Extended generation capabilities including HTML documentation, Data Dictionary, SQL script, Java classes
4. Custom datatypes for the database that are mapped into real DBMS datatypes
5. Revision history and automatic build increment
6. Custom java code for each table
7. Table summary
8. Table editing facility
9. Automatic table localization for multi-language applications
10. Cut & Paste

* Java

The license of this software is Free, you can free download and free use this database management software.

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