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  • Date: Nov 17, 2016
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Free Download DriveHQ FileManager 6.0 Build 1024

DriveHQ FileManager is the best Internet Storage and Sharing software: It is extremely reliable, efficient and secure, up to 3 times faster than regular FTP/HTTP; it supports drag-n-drop thousands of files or gigabytes of data. It supports advanced file caching, encryption and compression, can resume broken downloads/uploads, etc.

DriveHQ FileManager makes remote storage as easy as your local storage. With intuitive interface and seamless integration of your local and online storage, it lets you transfer, access, share, and publish files online with unprecedented easiness and reliability.

Works like Remote File/FTP Server and My Computer / Windows Explorer; Upload/download thousands of files, gigabytes of data as easy as 1, 2, 3; folder sync, publishing, group sharing and sub-accounts.

Feature Highlights
1. All the essential functions: create, delete, rename, copy, cut, paste etc.
2. Share and publish folders with different level permissions;
3. Drag and Drop to download and upload in batch;
4. Resume broken downloads/uploads from the point of interruption;
5. Advanced caching that brings performance on par with local storage;
6. Offline access. Access your online files even if you are not online!
7. International language support with Unicode

A convenient tool that allows users to upload, download, share and backup files/folders online. DriveHQ FileManager is a Windows Explorer-like desktop application that seamlessly integrates the web-based file storage and sharing system to users local file system, making Internet file management as easy as managing the local file system.

DriveHQ FileManager is designed to greatly enhance the web-based File Storage and Sharing features available on It works just like Window Explorer.
Not only it can manage local files, but also it can manage files on with the familiar Windows Explorer-like user interface.
DriveHQ FileManager supports many advanced file-transfering technologies, such as compressed transfer, secure transfer with SSL, resume interrupted transfer, local file caching, etc. Drag-n-drop files/folders from/to Windows Explorer is also supported.

DriveHQ FileManager Features:
1. Drag-n-drop upload thousands of files, access from anywhere, anytime
2. Upload photos, videos, office documents, no size limit, super fast.
3. Backup your files and emails, easy, secure & automatic
4. Backup and restore from anywhere, any time. No device needed.
5. Host your own FTP Server instantly
6. No need for hardware, software and hosting service. Just sign up DriveHQ.
7. Quick sharing with a URL link; advanced sharing with access control
8. Much better than E-mail. You can share any size files easily; share folders for read-only access or read-write access. It takes only a few clicks.
9. Map DriveHQ folder; better, larger and cheaper than USB flash drive
10. With DriveHQ FileManager client, you dont need a USB drive, period!
11. Group account, sub-account and group collaboration
12. Create a group account; create and manage sub-accounts; share storage space and files in the group easily and securely; make your virtual office.
13. Advanced Folder Synchronization
14. Synchronize folders among: local folders and remote folders, multiple PCs and multiple user accounts.

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this data backup software.

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