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  • Date: Aug 17, 2010
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Draft Cruncher Download
Free Download Draft Cruncher 5.00.05

The Draft Cruncher is a completely customizable interactive draft tool. It's easy enough for a Fantasy Football rookie to use, yet it is packed with the data and features that Fantasy Football Experts crave. Also, we have a simple printable cheat sheet based on everything unique to your league.

Draft Cruncher Features:
Interactive Draft board (or Draft Central)
Includes (all on one screen):
- Ability to select a player from anywhere his name is listed
- Top Overall Rankings
- By Position Rankings
- ADP Rankings
- Depth Charts
- Pick History; displays the last several picks
- Team Needs; displays the positional needs for each team in your draft
- My Roster; Displays, by position, all the players you've selected
- Drop-off graph; displays the projected drop off in production, by position, for all players expected to be selected prior to your next pick
- Players expected to be selected; displays the number of players expected to be selected, by position, prior to your next pick
- Player Search; provides the ability to search for any player
- Pick Timer; you input the allotted time and our counter will count it down. It also starts counting up when someone is over the allotted time
- Undo last pick (and the ability to keep undoing until your draft is correct again)

Player Profile Window
Click on a players name anywhere on the Draft Cruncher and you'll see the following:
- We tell you if the player you clicked on is a good value pick at your current draft spot.
- We compare the player you selected to the two best available players (at the same position)
- We display real-time player news (your PC needs to be connected to the web for this)
- Projected Stats
- O-Line Rank
- Strength of Schedule
- Playoff Schedule
- Key Additions and Losses for his team
- Coaching Staff Changes for his team

User Comments
We offer an area for the user to type in their comments about the players. These comments will be displayed when the user clicks on a players name during the draft.

Bye-Week Warning System
The Draft Cruncher gives you an alert about all the players who have the same bye week as someone you've already drafted.

Projected Stats
Our projected stats are a compilation of all your favorite sources
You can overwrite our stats with your own (with the capability of returning to default projections)
New projections will be available every week. Just click "get updates" and they will automatically be downloaded to your desktop.

ADP (Average Draft Position)
Along with our projected stats the ADPs will be updated weekly
We have ADPs for leagues with:
PPR (Points Per Reception / with and without)
IDP (Individual Defense Positions / with and without)

Targets/Busts/Injury Concerns (use the given data or enter in your own)
We'll provide a list of players that you should target. The Cruncher will let you know when they'll most likely be selected.

We'll tag players that we think may be busts
As a reminder, we'll tag players that have a history of injuries

Traded Picks
You have the ability to trade picks (prior to the draft). This will allow the Cruncher to keep pace with the draft.

You can identify what players are being kept by team #. This is handy for our Draft Analysis

Custom Scoring
The Draft Cruncher works with all scoring systems. Just input your league's scoring system and the Draft Cruncher does the rest. It is so much better than picking based on a magazine's standard scoring system.

Custom League Setups
Draft Cruncher has special configurations for some unique league set-ups
- IDP (Individual Defensive Players)
- PPR (Points Per Reception)
- 2 Starting QB's
- Flex positions (RB/WR, RB/WR/TE, WR/TE)
- No Starting TE's Required
- Non-Serpentine Drafts
- Traded Picks

Full Draft Analysis
-After your draft you can open a printable report
Includes: Summary of the Draft
Top 10 reaches/steals of the draft
Rank of every team, by position and overall

Mock Drafts (interactive or report only):
-Interactive; Mock draft against the Draft Cruncher
-Report Only; print out a report to see how the Cruncher would have picked the teams

Cheat sheets
Yes, in case you don't want all this fancy stuff we also have a simple printable cheat sheet based on everything unique to your league.

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this game utility software.

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