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A computer program for importing, organizing, versioning and browsing your digital life. General purpose document management system with strong support for e-documents.

Using plain English this means, for example, that using Dotument you should have no problems if you have overwritten invoice for your important customer without havingan extra copy of it. This means also that you are able with just few mouse clicks to import your complete e-books library, and let the Dotument collect e-books data (incuding covers!) from Amazon. This also means that you are able to search for each single document using Google-like full-text search. Finally, this also means that you are able to organize and keep your documents using interface you are probably already familiar with.

Dotument is an easy-to-use document management application that features some unique modules. Dotument lets you import your documents automatically whiel generating thumbnails for comfortable browsing. Dotument also lets you version your documents keeping history of all changes. You can scan your printed documents directly into the Dotument libraries with just a single mouse click.

You can import entire document folders, store them in the Dotument library, and perform searches against searchable documents, books or magazines. You can have as many e-books or magazines libraries as you want, and switch between them on the fly. You can export your documents, and even exchange them with other Dotument users, including all descriptions and thumbnails that you have stored in your Dotument library.

You can gather e-books details from Amazon or ISBNDB, and store them along with your e-books in Dotument library. Dotument stores the documents in its own storage (either built-in one, or SQL Server based) providing you central place for your documents management, and thus also allowing you to easier make your library backups. Finally, all this is wrapped in simple to use and elegant user interface.

Dotument Personal Key features
1. Documents importing and exporting
With just a few mouse clicks you can import and export either whole folders, or a single documents. If it is easier for you - drag and drop your documents to Dotument folder, and that's it!

2. Documents exchanging
If you want to exchange the stored documents with other Dotument users, you will be happy to learn that Dotument provides you with easy-to-use exchanging of the stored documents - including the documents properties (descriptions, covers, etc.) and versions!

3. Documents versioning
Every time new document "arrives" to Dotument, initial version is created for it. If you need to make changes on that document, you can do it in your editor and then with simple Check-in function place new version in Dotument. This way you will keep history of all versions of your documents making also previous versions searchable!

4. E-Books support
If you love e-books, it is most likely that you already have huge library of the e-books. You know how paintful it is to look for particular title. Use Dotument's built-in features for importing your collection, and then let Dotument import also books data from selected service provider (Amazon, ISBNDB,...). Additionally, you can browse your books using Bookshelf, card or grid view.

5. Documents organization
Dotument uses structure that is similar to the Windows Explorer. On the left side you can spot the folders tree, and main part of the screen occupies grid or card view of the documents and their versions.

6. Full-text search
Having a huge number of documents, it is often very hard to find particular one that we are looking for. This is where the full-text search can be very handy. Dotument not only provides you full-text search, but also uses the Google syntax that we are all, probably, already very familiar with. Please, note that in order to use full-text search you will have to install SQL Server 2005+ (Express version is free of charge).

7. Multiple libraries
Dotument supports multiple "libraries" (or "storages" in Dotument terminology) that you can switch between on the fly. Create with ease of use "Janes photos", "Marks music", "Janos's books" and even exchange files between them!

8. Scanner support
If you own Twain-compatible scanner, you'll be happy to hear that with a single mouse click you can scan your documents directly into your Dotument library.

* .NET Framework

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is EUR29.00, you can free download and get a free trial.

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