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  • Date: Dec 28, 2010
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Dmailer Backup Download
Free Download Dmailer Backup 3.2.18036

Dmailer Backup is designed for users who care about their data and take the important step to prevent data loss due to computer crashes, theft, viruses or any other unpredictable mishap. Dmailer Backup's easy-to-use interface makes saving,
protecting and restoring data (documents, presentations, photos, music, video files, etc.) a simple task.

Dmailer Backup Key Feature
1. Incremental Backup
Unlike traditional backup software, Dmailer Backup provides you with an option to store only new and modified files, thus reducing system overhead.
2. Versioning
Define the number of versions you want to keep, preserving multiple iterations of a file for later use. At any moment, you can travel back in time to access a file's previous version. You'll never lose any data, even if a file was inadvertently modified or erased.
3. Automatic, Live Backup
Leverage Dmailer Backup's continuous data protection (CDP) technology to automatically detect changes to files and back them up onto the storage device without user intervention. You never need to worry about manually backing up data or scheduling it; Dmailer Backup will take care of it for you 24/7.
4. Custom Configuration
Filter by file extension, date or size. With numerous configuration options, Dmailer Backup provides a flexible tool that allows you to easily choose the data you wish to backup.
5. Installation-Free
Dmailer Backup runs exclusively from your portable storage device, so it requires no installation on a PC and is ready to use immediately. When you wish to restore your data on a new computer, simply connect the storage device and all documents will be immediately restored.
6. Cross-Platform Support
Your data is seamlessly available whether you are using a Mac or a PC. Dmailer Backup delivers the same powerful backup features and ease of use on both platforms for a consistent experience.

Dmailer Backup is compatible with PCs and Macs, and available in 19 languages (English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Dutch, Russian, Czech, Polish, Turkish, Korean, Japanese, Traditional, Simplified Chinese and Arabic)

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $25.95, you can free download and get a free trial.

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