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  • Date: Sep 16, 2014
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Free Download DlhSoft Project Manager 4.2.4

DlhSoft Project Manager is a project management application for Windows, it allows you to define and manage your projects by organizing and scheduling work as a task hierarchy, assigning available resources to tasks, and updating values whenever needed during the project duration.

DlhSoft Project Manager Features:
1. Define and manage the project details and schedule, and view current project statistics using the Project Details view;

2. Define and manage tasks and schedule work using the Task Hierarchy and Gantt Chart view;

3. Define and manage task assignments using the Task Assignments view;

4. View and manage resources and task assignments using the Resource List and Schedule Chart view;

5. Review resource allocation using the Load Chart view;

6. Define a new project, open an existing project, and save the current project using the New, Open, Save, and Save As commands within the File menu;

7. Print the contents of the current project view using the Print command within the File menu;

8. Undo and redo edit actions using the Undo and Redo commands within the Edit menu;

9. Add and insert new data rows, and increase and decrease hierarchy indentation of the data rows in the current project view using the Add New, Insert New, Increase Indentation, and Decrease Indentation commands within the Edit menu;

10. Cut, copy, paste, and delete data rows in the current project view using the Cut, Copy, Paste, and Delete commands within the Edit menu;

11. Level the project resources by rescheduling their assigned tasks in order to avoid over-allocation using the Level Resources within the Edit menu;

12. Change the Gantt Chart view settings, such as the focused date and time, the selected scale, update behavior, zoom, and nonworking time visibility using the Date and Time, Scale, Updates, Zoom, and Nonworking Time options available within the View menu.

* .NET Framework 4
* Nag screen

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is EUR39.00, you can free download and get a free trial.

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