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  • Date: Nov 23, 2010
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DiskTrix DefragExpress Download
Free Download DiskTrix DefragExpress

We've just released a free incremental update to DefragExpress which is now Version 1.49. As well as correcting some very minor display bugs, we've included the ability to defragment flash drives and other removable media.

Do you find slow defrags and slow defraggers a drag
You just want to get on with using your PC. Right
And you just want a one-click defrag without messing with any settings and knowing that your defragger is performing the most intelligent and fastest defrag processes developed to date on your hard drive. Right
Well, you've just found the product that takes the DRAG out of your DEFRAG! It's called DefragExpress.... And it's the world's FASTEST defragger!
STOP using whatever everyday defragger you are using right now and replace it with this amazing gem of a defragger - DefragExpress!
You'll be amazed by the speed and simplicity of DefragExpress. Don't be fooled by that simplicity (and the remarkably low price) into thinking it's one of those dime-a-dozen defraggers.... because it's NOT! In fact.... DefragExpress is a real clever defragger. If it didn't stand out from the rest, we at DiskTrix wouldn't have created it. We earned our reputation for breaking new ground in the area of hard drive defragging with our powerful UltimateDefrag and now with DefragExpress as an everyday defragger, you're going to agree that we've solidified that reputation.
The method by which DefragExpress defrags and places files was engineered by the team at Disktrix. This method was carefully crafted to give you the single most effective algorithm for defragging your hard drive. By using this algorithm (which, by the way, we believe is the holy grail of defrag algorithms)
DefragExpress lets you enjoy the following important defrag objectives:

1. Complete your day-to-day defrags in the fastest time possible
2. Completely defrag and consolidate all of your files and free space
3. Arrange your files to specifically ensure the slowest rate of file refragmentation physically possible - the "physics" of our file placement algorithm assures that. We might just have defeated entropy as it applies to your file system.
4. Place your most often used files on your hard drive in the appropriate position to achieve maximum performance
These four things are what DefragExpress and ONLY DefragExpress does for you.
You'll find that, after your first defrag, which will take the same time as a regular defrag, since DefragExpress is optimizing your file layout, most subsequent daily defrags are completed in just 1 to 10 minutes (occasionally a few minutes more but more often than not - in around just 3 minutes*) regardless of how much data on your hard drive! That's right - regardless of how much data is on your hard drive.
How many times have you sat and watched a defrag or waited for a defrag to complete for hours No more of that! Your defrags complete in 1 to 10 minutes and usually in around 3 minutes when you defrag (fully schedulable) with DefragExpress daily.
DefragExpress is priced very competitively in order to persuade you to replace your current defragger or the default XP/Vista defragger with DefragExpress. Just $14.95! At that price, you can't go wrong... and when you are using DefragExpress as your day to day defragger it will become more and more apparent that you have made the best choice for your defragging needs. We at DiskTrix sure know defragging... and excuse us for repeating ourselves, but if DefragExpress wasn't going to be leaps and bounds ahead of the rest, we wouldn't have created it.
Another great feature of DefragExpress is that it is a low maintenance defragger. It lives up to it's "express" name in every respect. It takes 30 seconds to install, 30 seconds to set up your schedule, and then you're set to go! It can automatically close itself after its scheduled daily defrag so you don't even know you're using it but you will know that it has done its daily defrag work. Of course if you want to have some fun with it, you can run it manually and watch it do its magic.
And one more thing you'll love is the very small footprint of DefragExpress.... the complete program is less than 2 Mb.
DefragExpress is available right now! If you don't act on what you've just learned and decide to continue to use any other everyday defragger (or the Windows XP/Vista default defragger) to defrag your hard drives, you will be selling yourself short of having the best defrag product for everyday defragging. And.... at only $14.95, you can't argue the price as the reason.

* Created Specifically To Be The Default Day-to-day Defragger Of Choice For EVERYONE And Every PC On The Planet
* Very Simple To Use - No Knowledge Necessary - Just Press Start Defrag
* Unique, "Optimal" Defrag Algorithm Developed At DiskTrix Labs That:
* 1. Minimizes Time To Complete Day-To-Day Comprehensive Consolidated
* Defrag Runs (1 to 10 mins and usually around 3 minutes)
* 2. Fully Defrags & Consolidates All Files & Minimizes Free Space Fragmentation
* 3. Arranges Files To Minimize Refragmentation Rate To Absolute Minimum Rate Physically Possible.
* 4. Places Frequently Used Files For Best Performance
* Significantly Speeds Up Hard Drive File Access Performance
* Comprehensive Consolidate Mode Or Fragmented Files Only
* "Fun-to-Watch" Graphical User Interface That Shows File Movement & Defrag Activity
* FAST! Most defrags complete in 1 to 10 minutes and usually around 3 minutes.
* Positions Frequently Used Files For Fastest Performance
* Consolidates And Positions Directories For Fastest Performance
* Lightning-Fast Drive Analysis (300,000 files takes around 15 seconds)
* Reports Defrag Time Taken (It likes to show-off just how fast it is!)
* Reports Hard Drive Optimization Level
* Fully Schedulable: Hourly, Daily, Weekly, Monthly, System Idle
* Designed to be run everyday (on your chosen schedule)
* Least hard drive wear and tear amongst all other defraggers
* Ability To Exclude Large Files
* Ability To Shut Down Computer When Defrag Completes
* Small Footprint - File Size Less Than 2 Mb
* Ability To Defrag Flash Drives and Other Removable Media

* Microsoft Windows XP (all versions), Windows 2000, Server 2003, Server 2008, Vista (all versions), and Microsoft Windows 7
* Supports all 32 bit and 64 versions of all above operating systems.
* Requires Internet Connection For Product Activation

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $11.98, you can free download and get a free trial.

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