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  • Version: 6.3.4
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  • Date: Sep 20, 2012
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    DVD/CD AutoRun
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Discstarter Download
Free Download Discstarter 6.3.4

Discstarter is the solution for HTML-based CD-ROM menus and front-ends. With Discstarter you can create for example autostart menus for covermount CD-ROMs, catalogues, company or product presentations. Discstarter also supports an installation-free Web server for Web applications. Apart from that Discstarter can also be used as a highly customizable browser application for kiosk systems (terminals).

Use Discstarter for:
1. CD-ROM / DVD-ROM / USB-Stick Start Menus
2. Public Kiosk Terminals
3. Launcher for Web Applications on the Desktop

Discstarter is an application that allows you to create professional looking CD-ROM autorun menus, front-ends and many other kinds of applications based on easy to create HTML pages (including multimedia such as videos, Flash, Java etc.). With Discstarter you can fully customize the look and feel as well as the behavior of the browser window to your individual requirements.

Discstarter Features:
1. Front ends for Discstarter are made of (standards compliant) HTML pages (which can be created using any HTML or web editor, e.g. mirabyte Web Architect!)
2. All features of modern browsers are supported (also Flash, PlugIn's, Quicktime, JavaScript, DHTML, etc.)
3. The Discstarter window can be customized in any possible way (with/without window border, borderless or even with a skin, optional toolbar which can be fully customized, window title, taskbar title, icon, etc.)
4. Popup blocker and browser security features do not influence the functionality of your front end (e.g. when clicking on links that refer to an executable file)
5. Instantly execute any file type in the appropriate application via hyperlink (great for PDF's!)
6. Copy and or execute files via hyperlink (perfectly suited for software CD-ROMs)
7. Checking system requirements (e.g. Flash, QuickTime or Java) on the target machine and displaying an alternative menu if system requirements are not fulfilled
8. Context menus can be customized or deactivated
9. Modern GUI effects such as a drop-shadow for windows and a smooth fade-in effect on program start-up are available
10. Maximum compatibility (Discstarter runs with ALL Windows versions from Windows 95 to Windows Vista - even Windows 7!)
11. Platform independence: Discstarter is a Windows application but HTML-based menus can be viewed in any browser on any operating system. This allows you using the same menu also on Linux or Macintosh systems
12. Configure a background music (play only once, repeat permanently or stop playback upon the first mouse click of the user)
13. Execute any application, even with command line parameters directly out of your HTML pages
14. Automatic detection of the target machines language. This allows you to automatically switch to a translated version of your CD-ROM menu
15. Headers and footers can be suppressed if you print a page within Discstarter (perfect for print forms)
16. Display a customizable splash screen on application start-up (non-rectangular shapes are possible)
17. Optional, fully customizable toolbar (define, color, icons, order and which buttons to show)
18. Extend a Discstarter CD-ROM menu with custom features and functions via external DLL files (Java Script is used to access the external functionality via DOM)
19. Kiosk terminal mode allow you to use Discstarter as a locked-down browser for public kiosk terminals and prevents unauthorized access of the underlying system.
20. External extensions make it easy to use Discstarter with a CD-ROM web server that does not require any installation (this allows you to use PHP, Perl, MySQL, etc.) or integrate a full text search engine into your CD-ROM menu

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $129.95, you can free download and get a free trial.

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